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    The videos provided by sam P.S this is on rainbow six siege

    I played multiple games as thatcher a couple of days ago and got a tip video on how to play thatcher which i love as a feature but the video i was sent was by prodigio pete and was incredibly old, probably pre - dustline, this feature could be improved with far more up to date videos. Also it would be nice if it gave a full overview of statistics after a session of playing i.e kills, headshots, deaths, assists etc. Finally there are some grammar issues with sam and some words are not grammatically correct. You are doing great ubi, i want to try and help further develop sam into a great app through these comments. Thanks
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    Thanks for your feedback Joiple! We'll take a look at this!

    If you want to report specific grammar issues, don't forget to tell us the questions you've asked Sam.
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