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    So i just found all 10 feathers, and although it wasnt much of a task, im still abit disappionted that there was no reward but the achieve, or am i missing something? (i put them in the box already too)

    Also, i finished the assassins challeneges and ive unlocked Altairs sword, but where is it lol?
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    Altair's sword should be in the Tiber Island hideout, in the swords room
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    Quick question I have only half the map visible and I completed the assasins guild challenges. Can you point me in the direction of Tiber island hideout or do i need to go further with the story to reach?
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    You can't complete the Assassin's Guild challenges before you reach the Tiber Island Hideout, since that is where the Assassin's Guild is stationed...
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    You get a reward for collecting every feather AND borgia flag.
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    ok maybe im confused,I completed the list thats on the wall in the assasin towers. somthing pop up on the screen explaining somthing about a sword but i caught the message late and didnt make out what it said.Do you happen to know what message said? Thnx for the responce much appreciated.
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    From what I understand, I believe you unlocked Altair's Sword which is accessible in the armory of Tiber Island Hideout (Assassin's hideout).
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