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    my friend told me his prestige points stopped increasing.. any fix to this?
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    Ghost Recon

    Game on PS4 PRO you need to change the gameplay of the character urgently, it is very slow it takes a lot to pull the aim of the weapon and the movement is very bad change it please!
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    w/ the upcoming special operations 3 & 4. I hope you guys can add more contents in between.
    I sure would love to get new uniforms. pls create bulky ones like the icons wear (ex. tachanka)
    since default body is kinda slim we would like more customization w/ our characters.. maybe throw in some gorka?

    I hope you can introduce more vanity sets while we wait for future contents.
    I believe that would make the game fresh...

    Lastly, if its possible can we have a possible loadout shortcut?
    since matchmaking let us play w/ different players/ different playstyle
    it would be convenient to swap loadouts rather than equip each 1 especially in a fight..

    thank you.
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    Please review the following major glitches and provide corrections.
    vanishing silencers from locked down gun variations (as In the DT HTI)
    Gun mods that become relocked (As in the 5.56 PMAG)
    Fix the no kills credited for taking out a choppers. You get credit for explosion kills for a vehicle but nothing for taking out a chopper.
    NPC respawning after you have killed them.
    1. As in sniper on Air traffic tower at airport in Libertad,
    2. The snipers at the Unidad outpost where the 5.56 pmag is located.
    3. The three guys patroling the train loading dock at the matchwood mission base.
    fix the Sam fisher man crush speach that Nomad recites EVERY time you fast travel.
    fix the can't pick up weapons or gear when you start a ghost mode play through until you end and restart the play through.
    fix the multiple environment areas that will trap you.
    Fix the archangel mission. It plays rather smooth in single player but in coop it's a nightmare.
    1. While in coop only the host can interact with the truck, twitch, the apartment. Etc to get the mission to advance.
    2. When starting part two sometimes twitch glitches out and will not follow the host.
    3. Fix it so that other coop players can escort. Why have coop if you can't do a thing to advance the mission.
    4. In coop rebel spotting does nothing for some players.
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    Please make each feature in Ghost Mode optional, including permadeath

    I don't see there is anything to lose by making each feature in Ghost Mode optional. Everyone can customize their own gaming experience that way. Realistic reloading, one main weapon, permadeath, etc., to each his own.
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    especially since in FG your chopper wrecked.. and then in narco youre like the Bolivian Roadhouse
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    Originally Posted by BNDT- Go to original post
    my friend told me his prestige points stopped increasing.. any fix to this?
    We're aware of an issue where in Ghost Mode when you achieve a goal, prestige points aren't received. We recommend restarting the game in this case. We are also looking into the issue with the missing 300 Prestige credits if you advance in tier mode.

    It has been reported and it's being looked into but thank you for reporting it!
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    This is the update that myself and a lot of other players were asking for. We just wanted some acknowledgment when it comes to all of our missing equipment. I'm upset that I have to wait over a month to get my stuff back, but I'm just glad you're finally admitting this issue and working on fixing it. I really hope you have something planned to compensate everyone who lost all their stuff.
    Also, add more CRYE gear, like JPC's.
    And a 1-4/6x variable zoom optic like a trijicon accupoint or something similar would be awesome so you can use a long range rifle at close range in first person easily.

    Also, in story mode; the fence that surrounds the airport in Libertad is no longer jumpable. I used to be able to climb over the fence behind the tower but I can't climb over it anywhere. Just a small bug I wanted someone to be aware of.
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    Nice! Thank you Ubisoft.
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    Year 3?!

    I feel like we're just getting started!! Will there be a year 3 or will there be a new GR released? I feel like neither of those questions can be answered but it doesn't hurt to ask. Love you guys! Thanks for the wild game!
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