Dear All,

a Rabbids or Lapin Robot would be great ... ok it would be very expensive BUT the the way the Rabbids interact in the videos is absolutely unique because they do not only interact with humans, they also interact with things e.g. lights, objects or posters or anything else as they were living creatures.

That a robot toy does not need a human to interact with and would be fun watching it interacting with every object nearby is the biggest advantage of all times in robot toys.
This would beat former No1 robot pets from Japan by lightyears.

And by the way...i need one running around in my house.
I don't care it may cost 5.000€ + because of all face animatronics and soft silicone hull.

I don't want to create any unrest - I know that this is a dream of mine that won't come true BUT

Who else would want one, too if available.???