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    Developer Update: Challenge Mode is Live

    Hey everyone! It’s Toller once again, here with an all new Developer Update!

    We hope you all enjoyed a rousing good time with Terrance and Phillip last week! It warmed my heart to see so much love (and blame) aimed at my dear country of Canada, and I know many phone were destroyed, as is tradition.

    This week we begin with an all new tradition! As you may have noticed from our posting yesterday, today is the day that our brand new game mode, “Challenge Mode”, begins! We cannot wait to hear your thoughts about this new addition to South Park: Phone Destroyer. We want to hear all your thoughts, be they positive or negative. This new mode is very different from anything we’ve ever done before, and we are very excited for feedback!

    Of course, a new game mode doesn’t mean we won’t also be having a new weekend event as well! This week we’ll be getting ready for some real street brawls, as this week will focus on our best Fighter cards! Get ready for some fisticuffs as you and your chosen cards battle their way to victory!



    As mentioned above, our new game mode launched earlier today, and while we have already given some of the details in our previous post: here , we have not yet discussed the rewards. I’ll give a quick breakdown of the rewards you can expect from the FIRST ever, Challenge Mode.

    First off, you gain a reward pack with each win. You can win up to 12 matches and the rewards for those packs are as follows:

    Tiers 1,4,7 and 10 contain coins in values of 200, 400, 800 and 1000 respectively. Tiers 2, 5 and 8 contain upgrade items totaling 10, 14 and 22 respectively, and finally tiers 3, 6, 9, 11 and 12 contain cards in values of 7, 10, 13, 14 and 18 respectively . Each pack containing cards has a chance at an epic and the last 3 card packs (at tier 9, 11 and 12) have legendary chances.

    The total rewards, if you finish the challenge and open all 12 packs will look like this: 2400 coins, 46 upgrade items and 62 cards (with at least 17 rares).

    As previously mentioned, there will also be a leaderboard for those players who obtain the highest scores. The leaderboard score takes your HIGHEST score from a challenge. The leaderboard will reward the top 1000 players. Those rewards are as follows:

    Place Reward
    1 5 Epic Card
    2-10 2500 Coins
    11-50 70 Upgrade Items
    51-200 10 Rare Cards
    201-500 1000 Coins
    501-1000 20 Common Cards
    1001+ 50 Coins

    Keep in mind, these are cumulative, so the number 1 player gets the #1 reward plus all rewards below.


    This weekend’s event will run from Friday(UTC) to Monday (UTC).

    You’ll be able to earn points, by using some of your favorite Fighters from South Park and winning PvP matches.

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 4
    2 8
    3 20
    4 30
    5 50
    6 75
    7 105
    8 140

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 40
    2 135
    3 600
    4 1250
    5 2050
    6 3150

    Here are the cards for this week's event:

    • Nelly
    • Marcus
    • Calamity Heidi
    • Hookhand Clyde
    • Storyteller Jimmy
    • Alien Clyde
    • Space Warrior Token
    • Program Stan
    • Alien Queen Red
    • Friar Jimmy
    • Hercules Clyde
    • Sexy Nun Randy
    • Stan the Great
    • Rogue Token


    The weekly Developer Live-Stream will run this Friday at 9:15 AM PST/12:15 PM EST. Please continue to send us your thoughts about making this time permanent, or if you prefered the old time. Perhaps you even have a whole new idea for a stream time, so please let us know! Join ThatDarnSteve and BlueBadger400 on the couch, reunited after a long week apart, with ItsJustBuck producing the stream and running some giveaways! I’ll be there as well, hanging out in the chats of both our Twitch stream and on Facebook. We’ll be taking questions, playing matches, giving away some fun in-game goodies, and having a great time, as usual. Please feel free to stop by, we’d love to see you there!

    One final piece of info for this week! Please be aware that on Monday July 30th, there will be maintenance starting at 1pm UTC. We expect that it will last for roughly 2 hours.

    That’s all the news we’re able to share for now! Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!


    Your Community Team,
    Toller🐶, Steve🚀 and Buck🦌
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    Small favor-Big Rewards

    Hi, minor favor. Can you add a note about team events and team leaderboard updates (or lack of) to the end of every developer update? That way Hersh isn't asking every week. Thanks!
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    Armageddon's got the idea
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    And also can go Fund himself
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    Not to sound negative or disrespectful, but I think the rules of Challenge mode aren’t very well thought out. You can lose 3 times, but I don’t want to get screwed over by “connection to pvp has been lost” and get penalized for it. If you lose connection in Challenge Mode it should either not count or end in a draw, cause losing a chance is just unfair in something like this. It’s gonna draw a lot of flak from people who suffer this problem A LOT.
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    Challenge mode isn't for me. In fact, I'm going to use this as my jumping off point, to stop playing altogether. I haven't found this game fun for quite a while, and as a casual player, challenge mode makes it even less so.

    Thanks, RedLynx, for keeping me in South Park fun between seasons of the show and expansions of the Fractured But Whole. I'm out.
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    Good job Redlynx, I like it. To be honest I've been getting a little bored; I was thinking recently that the game needed some new game modes to keep me interested, so this was a pleasant surprise.

    The core game is great fun for a mobile game (despite a handful of blatant balance and bug fixes still needed), but what I've been craving for is some more 'macro' play, rather than just 'micro' play - by that I mean other ways to grow my strength, personalise my New Kid and generally get a sense of account progression and achievement beyond just pushing for better PVP rank.

    This is a step in the right direction in my opinion and I would love to see even more game modes added in the future. Maybe a tower defense type mini-game, a chess-like mini-game with the South Park twist. The ability to unlock more emotes, more outfits, achievements, maybe some victory cheers and dance alternatives, and above all, a form of Meta-Progression; something else to work towards (especially as level and card progress slows to a crawl at higher levels)! And of course, more ways to acquire cards and materials is never a bad thing.
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    This is truly awful and an absolutely terrible addition to the game. As previously said it really is just a blatant “spend money on this game” desperate ploy. You either play poor saps with level 1 everything or top level guys that crush you but it’s a complete lottery, especially due to the “pay to play” model. I am sorry to see this day, it is a blight on this once awesome game that might just be one step too far. Shame. But if this is an essential addition for the sake of revenue then I wish it wasn't at the expense of the weekly event which has now been pushed back to Friday. This, for me and I'm sure many others, is the highlight of the game's weekly activities and to now shorten it's length and also delay the start is a sad alteration, especially given why it has been done.
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    The cards are level scaled, please have a clue what you are talking about before you post.
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    Thank you, I know. Doesn't help those that are level 1 though as there is no upscaling, only capping.
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