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    Tower of London loading screen

    I could use some help on an issue I am havin with Zombi. I see a brief cutscene about a woman who yells to me I need to get to the tower of london. She is shooting at the zombis in the water. This is in the area where you get colonel waverlys pass key. I got the C4 and blew away the debris and go through the short tunnel. I go through a door into a small room with another door, I get to the loading screen then the game freezes up. Its done this every time i try to go through that door. I am not sure why its doing this. I even deleted my game and started a new one, same problem exists. I need some help on this issue please...

    I am playing on xbox one
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    Hello Dragonbane1972! Our Support team might be able to help with this. You can reach them here:

    If you would like to submit a Support Ticket for help you can do so here:

    You can also reach out to our Facebook and Twitter Support pages here:
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