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    New Assassinís Creed game idea

    So my brother and I are massive fans of Assassins Creed and one of the things we spend hours doing is discussing ideas for new games. We think we have a really good idea and wanted to through it out there and see what people think.
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    So most new ideas we have seen are generally the same plot/story as previous games in a new time or era. We think we have a completely brand new idea. So like a lot of people have suggested already we think it should be set in World War 1, with many different theatres each with a different character. For example Lawrence of Arabia, northern Italy, Western front, Russian revolution German spy in Britain etc. None of this is a new idea yet. We think the player should be lead to believe they are an assassin starting the First World War to break up the Templar order who are at the peak of their power (several big European countries rule the world basically) and they are completing all these different missions/ministories to break them up. Except what is really happening and is slowly revealed to the player is that this is a Templar civil war and a newer faction of templars are getting rid of the older more conservative templars. Fitting in to history the existing world order completely changed the old empires (British German ottoman Austrian) the conservative templars were replaced with new super powers (USA russia Japan) and this is what the game is about. Modern times is about trying to find the precursor objects (apple staff sword etc) that the old templars hid as they were losing. So in short new assassins creed doesnít actually have anything to do with the assassins (or barely at all to keep the ruse going about it being a templar civil war). Also as a sequel set in the Second World War as the assassins response to the Templar civil war which left them weak. Thought???
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    Assassin Creed:

    Its the idea i had since being a diehard assassin creed fan when the AC Rogue came out. This is a story after the french revolution and american war of independence ends, where the war is still going on between Templars and assassins seeking justice. The story could be on the guy named Jack Ramsey, a Welsh sailor who stumbles upon the group of assassin finding a leader of the Templar who has stolen a artifact which would then destroy the world. story would be the same as AC ROGUE helping the assassins and betrayal of the assassins but the story would be in a different manner compared to that of ROGUE. After many years fighting the assassins, Jack's son William is born and as his son grows up he trains him well so that he could be the successor of his father as Jack is thereby the leader of the faction of the Templar brotherhood. As William grows and become the best of all, his father gives him a series of contract of assassinations of various assassin leaders. One by one Williams kills all of the assassins with the help of his father but lastly he is given a choice to join the Assassins or Templars by the assassin leader. These choices would either results into starting of world war 1 between assassins and Templars or killing of his own father and end of Templar seige . this game would be set in England and some parts of America while signing the contracts.In the present day, these memories of Jack and Williams would be relieved by a guy named David Kean who is kidnapped by the Abstergo to find the artifact. The story could be more better if any help is given, hope you like it i hope Ubisoft would implement my ideas with some change in my story into the new assassin creed game.
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    Some of my ideas:
    - Feudal Japan (yeah, clichť, but Assassin's Creed would do the BEST ninja game so far: stealth, burglary, spyionage, fighting, parkour, hidden weapons, smoke bombs, poisoning, conspiracy and of course assassination)
    - Scottish Freedom War with Willian Wallace;
    - Hundred Years Wars alongside the french;
    - Celts against Romans at Cesarean times;
    - A Templar game about the century XV Portuguese sea expansion, after all D. Henry the Navigator was member of Order of Christ;
    - Wild West;
    - Cold War;
    - Aztecs during Spanish invasion on Mexico;
    - Chicago, New York or Italy around the Great Depression (in another words, a mafia game, where both Templars and Assassins are represented by enemy families);
    - Robin Hood times (I imagine the legends would fit good with the concept of the franchise, maybe the raiders from Nottingham were Altair's pupils or something);
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    And finally, Russian revolution, from the Czar era to Operation Barbarossa, that should be good
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    I won't lie, I didn't read any posts here, but I will later.

    What I'd like to see from the next AC game is a return to the action adventure format.
    Drop the RPG stuff and go back to what made AC2 great.
    No perks or levelling.
    Story focused. Cut back on side missions.
    Smaller, refined set of weapons and armour.
    Cut way back on the collectables. One set linked directly to the story(like the codex pages from AC2) and one set linked to an ultimate armour set(like the seals in AC2).
    Present day protagonist with a real function and present day missions to undertake. Just like what we had in AC3.

    What I love about the older games is the way the world was open to explore, but the story funnelled you through a specific path, and how there wasn't a seemingly unlimited amount of side missions to distract from the main story.
    AC2 was the pinnacle of the series, but too much was added in following games which started pushing towards an RPG format.
    I don't want to craft weapons and armour.
    I don't want to enter a location and be presented with a checklist of things to do and collect.
    I just want something like AC2.
    That game should be used as a base point, and then refine what it did so well.
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