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    Ship design Contest again

    This is the ship I designed for the contest.

    "If you don't want pirates to get their hands on your fancy gramophones and other exclusive cargo, then this is the ship you need."

    It has more cargo-holds than the Imperial Pride, but less speed.

    I think i found out how to post an image now (more or less)

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    I don't know how to add an image appearently.
    First you have to upload the image:

    Then you have to use the BB-code.
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    The Imperial Shame: ghost of Azura

    The story of Captain Robert Wellington

    Today I will tell you the story of Captain Robert Wellington. Robert Wellington was a proud servant of the Empire, just like his ship which was part of the Imperial Pride line. He was a well-known Captain who fought in numerous naval battles and had won every single one of them.
    Until one day something terrible happened, which would change him, his crew and most of all his ship forever.

    We now present you with a piece of Wellington's diary entry of the 4th of July 1832.

    After the battle

    Wellington's crew and ship survived barely. He was able to dock in a nearby harbor which was well known for piracy. There he learned that he and his crew where dead according to the Empire. Wellington turned to piracy. He wanted to raid Imperial fleets an convoys as payback for this treason. Since Wellington wants to stay dead, he sails as a ghost ship. No Imperial crew will live to tell the tale about his refitted ship 'The Imperial Shame: Ghost of the Azura'.

    The refit

    His ship has had a major makeover since the battle of Azura. Since ramming seemed to work well he shaped his ship to fit that tactic.
    The ship has no side armour plating anymore. It only has a strong front plate and a similar new plate at the back. Removing the armour has made the ship lighter and faster. This way it can get in and out of sticky situations very quickly. The front plate makes sure ramming other ships doesn't do too much damage to his own ship. The plating at the back makes sure the ship stays in balance.
    The ship also has new weaponry. Since the ship is fast and has no side armour plating, Wellington does not ever want to face the enemy with the ships broadside. Instead, the front will always be pointed to the enemy, for ramming. After ramming, the ship has to leave quickly. It's back will now be faced to the enemy, which is sinking. Therefore the ship now has only 2 big cannons at the front, which can rotate to the side if necessary, but they are very slow. It has the same 2 cannons in the back in a similar position. With these cannons the ship can do quick hit and runs.
    The ship has to be fast to pull these hit and runs off. Very fast. That's why the ship now has new sails, which are much taller and wider than on the original Dauntless. Combine that with its steam engine and you have a ship that can get itself out of any situation.
    Finally, he outfitted the ship with a huge ram in the front, gold and shaped like a Phoenix. This ram can punch through hundreds of Imperial hulls and not break. To make the enemy sink faster, the ship also has a hook at the front which is under the water level. When The Imperial Shame rams another ship, this hook will punch through the enemy's lower hull, making a big hole below the water level.

    Summary of stat changes:

    ++ speed
    + cannon damage
    - cannon reload speed
    -- cannon turn speed
    -- armour

    Wellington's initial drawings

    Final design (note: every feature is included except for the Phoenix, I'm not good enough to model that :P)

    Thank you for taking your time to read this.

    Nox & Herr_Rebmann
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    Hello, with todays blogpost, we're closing the thread. Thank you everyone for participating, we'll review your entries now.
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