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    New revenge boost

    Double edge sword great helps vs ganks but all I'm seeing now is raiders running revenge builds and not throwing a single attack till they get it 👎🏻
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    Shamans, Berserkers and Orochis as well. Along with Raiders, those 4 have obnoxious damage on knockdown.

    The boost to HP was a good idea. But I really, really dislike the knockdown on activation and the CC immunity from revenge that negates half of some heroes' kit. Here's an exemple :

    I play Shinobi. When my opponent is in revenge, I can't double dodge kick him. I also can't front roll kick him into an environment kill. What am I left with ?? If I throw a light attack, my opponent can throw a 60 damage top heavy and trade ... In short, revenge basically means for everyone else to back away and wait it out ... which is dumb.

    I've always been in favor of completely removing revenge from the game. If Deathballs are a problem, you should do something else about it so the best strategy isn't to run a mob around the map. Make boosting worth a damn and give more points for killing minions. Best strategy becomes to spread your forces at every points. Those running deathball will win in kills ... but lose in points and ultimately lose the game.
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    I agree I don't wana feel like it's more viable to run away when they get revenge in a 1on1
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