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    Customization of the vehicle

    Personally i'd love to see the following

    1: Custom license plate
    2: Switching of front and back lights plus tinting / custom lighting
    3: underlighting for cars
    4: more customization for Circuit cars
    5: more customization for boats
    6: more customization for planes
    7: Tinting of the car glasses


    2: Car focused houses with room for more than 6 - 9 cars... we want to show and LOOK at our collections
    3: Boat focused harbor houses, same as above
    4: Plane focused houses - airport houses hangars etc
    5: Maybe a customizable housing area where you can sit in your house ( make chairs like car chairs so you dont need to change the animation


    1: Bring back the phone app the f10 system is annoying
    2: on the fly vehicle switching between types. Currently i have about 40 or 50 vehicles.... for the love of god, the time it takes to scroll from 1 side to the other and it will only get worse since im a collector and i loved the phone app system selection soooo much
    3: Score time when you win a race, how many points ? your time ? your friends times on the course, please give friends avaliability on the friendly competition
    4: Let us skip as soon as we finish the race, we dont need 15 sec of downtime before we get our rewards or 7½ sec before we can reset the race when farming in a farming game
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    Honestly, I think you mentioned everything I wanted for the customization options, they developers should also allow us to tweak the performance of the engine and let us do more complicated stuff although i didn't understand what you meant by No more COPY PASTE HOUSES, do you mean like let us have a variety of houses or something.

    I had a issue when trying to customize my Ferrari Speciale, when I purchased the most expensive hood, front & rear fenders and bumpers, I left customizing and come back after having enough money to finish fully customizing it and then just like that is shows that I never purchased it and gives me the stock visual parts of the car and takes all my money, got really confused.
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