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    Splinter cell Chaos theory review

    I love stealth games and I am a huge fan of them.
    In December 2017 I bought Splinter cell Chaos theory on the Xbox 360.
    Chaos theory was the first splinter cell gam I ever played, I have beaten the game once.
    The graphics looked great for a game released in 2005, and they still blow my mind today.
    The gameplay is very good, 10 out of 10, along with graphics.
    I won’t spoil anything story related, but you play as Sam Fisher (voiced by Micheal Ironside), who is working for the NSA.
    The game is great, but not perfect for a few reasons.
    1 you can’t play on xbox live.
    2 the lack of easy mode, which could make the game easier for beginners.
    3 the game only has 10 missions (excluding the co op missions).
    Splinter cell chaos theory is a great game, it even surpasses pandora tomorrow in my eyes.
    I give Chaos theory 9 out of 10
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    Hehe.... Splinter Cell review on a Trial forum.

    Made my day.
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