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    Photo by BackPa

    Hello to all.
    Few my photos:

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    FC5 PC
    My first attempt at photo mode:

    I wish we could do multiplayer maps so I can photoshoot my Babel map too
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    Hi everyone! It's really beautiful and cinematic game. So, at Steam I have 521 photos of FC5 and plus at PhotoMode also 42. No idea what to post here, because people have different tastes in art. Here my page with some of them: https://imgur.com/user/ChevalierMinor. There also photos from main game, check out the albums!
    Steam gallery: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/...1/screenshots/
    Lost on Mars [PhotoMode]:

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    Great pictures! Keep them coming!!
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    Maybe those cultists just need a big hug?
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    Haven't been playing that game too much, still in the first third of the game and I must say I do enjoy it since the setting and scenery are amazing!

    One thing that buggers me though, is how poor the photmode tool is, why? I mean, I see you added brightness, contrast and gamma after the initial release of Photomode - that's great! But it's still could be so, so much better.

    Here's a couple of ideas, that come to mind.

    1. add a focus point you can move around on screen
    2. keep to save "camera"/photomode settings from previous usage
    -next time you enter photomode, have settings from previous use
    -maybe only reset FOV and angle
    -have reset button with confirmation in case one want's to set up stuff from scratch
    3. keep ambient (nature) sounds on when in photomode (or have a setting to turn on/off) awfully quiet while taking picture for the moment.
    4. be able to adjust sliders with HUD off (turn off HUD for clean view and still be able to adjust sliders)
    5. add storage to a users ubisoft account
    -have user internal album in game
    -ubiclub photoalbum for easy access on PC (for those who are playing on console)

    To comment on #2 for example. I find it very time consuming to always go and fiddle with settings, each time I move a little to get a better viewpoint to take a picture from. Why not just have us keep the settings from previous time we used photomode and have a reset button for quick reset if anybody wants to?

    #3 That just makes sense. Imagine being immersed in nature IRL and as soon as you take out your camera and look through the viewfinder everything just mutes.
    #4 That is a silly restriction, sometimes the HUD is blocking the view.
    #5 I suppose this won't happen for FC5, but for future reference.

    These are only a couple of ideas that would make the experience so much better. You've created a fascinating world, let us enjoy it.

    I've read the suggestion policy Ubisoft has within this forums, hence can you please DM/put me in touch with a Product Manager in Ubisoft responsible for Photomode? I'd like to discuss/propose a business project on how to better Photomode for this game and all Ubi games in the future. I got a nice photmode tool with UX and features ready on paper to be pitched. Hear me Ubisoft =)

    Here's also a couple of shots from yours truly.

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    I did some yoga.. I haven't seen boomer since then.

    But the Yoga pays off, I get great flexibility from it. Here seen doing some serious Kung-Fu.. (or rather a normal Baseball bat take-down)

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    Brobot - love this guy

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