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    We want and need teams in trials rising !

    Please don't remove the teams from the new game.It is such a big part of the game and brings out some great competition between the Teams.... if anything you should be adding to it with TEAM CHALLENGES... weekly,monthly.....etc.One thing that might help,make it 25-30 per team instead of 50. As you know we ( THE OTHG ) have been here from the start and had a ready made team when you brought teams to Fusion. I'm begging you to please rethink the removal of the TEAMS from Rising..... you'll see it will payoff in the end with a happier community...better replay value for the base game tracks and much love from the OTHG 😎 ( BTW ) You still owe us one for "losing" our original. HUGE OTHG TREAD ! You can see I'm getting desperate by bringing up that sore subject.OK I've had my say...it's in your hands now so please keep the thousands of TRIALS TEAMS out there happy by keeping the TEAMS LBs in Rising. Thank you for all the great years of Trialing and for the new game next Feb. KEEP THE TEAMS ALIVE ! Lots of love from the OTHG 😎 ( Remember you should always respect the wishes of your elders 😂 ) Sorry I didn't see the new Trials Rising forum......can you please move this thread over Thank you !
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    Is there a team? . No, kidding, but so far, I been in like three teams and except having team leaderbord and team name there was no interaction.
    If most teams out there are like this than it is not worth to adding it to the Rising.

    But, if there would need to be interaction, like literally requirement to interact with team members, it would be something else. Like, you need to play a game at least once per month with any team member, otherwise you will be removed from the team. Or you need to send at least one message to team chat per month if there is any team chat otherwise you will be removed from the team...

    So basically team members have to act like team members or they won't be in a team. I don't see a pint to be in a team and you don't know anybody from your team just to have team score which has no real value as you don't know anyone anyway.
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    Trials Rising needs teams. Its part of what made Fusion so good, made lots of friends because of it, if people dont want teams they dont need to be on a team. A Lot of us do it for Build offs and tourneys and other things. Its a great part of the game.
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