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    Assassination Strategies (Spoiler)

    I thought I would share a thread on different ways to assassinate people in the game. If other people have different techniques, please share. It will be interesting to read all the different ways to assassinate people in the game.

    1. I like the sleep dart thrown into the fire while the guards or bandits are sitting around it. This way you can assassinate four or more guards at once. The guards will all go to sleep, and you can run up and assassinate them all before they wake up.

    2. The back of the tents have a flap that you can slip into and assassinate the sleeping guards.

    3. You gallop pass the three mounted guards, and jump off your horse. You can then assassinate the trail guard, then run up and get the second guard. You can then assassinate the lead guard with the loot, with an arrow to the head. None of them will even know what happened.

    4. I like how you can hang off the side of a ship and position yourself under a guard, and assassinate him and throw him off the ship.

    5. I also like to use the animals that are in cages in a garrison. You can shoot a arrow at the cage to break it open to release the animals. They will then run around and attack the guards. This is a good way to assassinate the animals for furs, as well as a guard or two, without sacrificing your own health.

    6. Two guards facing each other is not a problem. Just put them both to sleep with a couple quick sleeping darts and then assassinate them.

    7. If you assassinate a guard, you can move his body just outside of a tower, and then when another guard comes over to investigate, you can jump from the tower and assassinate him too.

    8. I like jumping on the tower roofs, and waiting for the guards to walk through it, and assassinating them when they come out the other side.
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    I'm boring. I just hide in a bush and thin out the herd until there's no herd left to thin. Or until trouble ensues and there's no herd left to thin. Either way, there's never much of a herd left after.

    I like the sleep dart in the fire idea, though. Never would've occured to me.
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    The best strategy is to let the enemy come to you, instead of going to him and presenting him a bait yourself.
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