I've recently started playing Gladiator, the kit is super fun but I'm not amazing with it by any means. Just assassins in general, I think, I don't typically enjoy playing them, but Gladiator has proved to be an exception. So, how can I be better? What are good punishes, counters, and what moves should I be interrupting with the toe stab?

I figure gear is like anything else, a bit subjective, but are there best feats? Fear Itself vs Roar of the Crowd, for example. Haymaker vs Revenge Attacks.

The heroes I have the most trouble dealing with are Berserker and Kensei; the former because you can't really interrupt zerk, and since dodging has been nerfed into the ground I'm not sure of the best way to counter them once they start with the uninterruptible unblockable top heavy cancels. Most of them cancel into a zone and punish dodge attempts. Their heavy chain also trades with Glad's dodge attack, and that is not a trade in Glad's favour. Kensei is a bit the same but less of an issue; I think I just need to get properly acquainted with deflecting to handle those.

edit: I really should have put a question mark in the title. >_>