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    Newbie -- can't get sniper rifle!

    Several years ago, I played FC and FC2, now I'm starting FC3. I got a ways into the game. I bought the cheaper Sniper Rifle, but I don't have it! I thought I needed to kill a goat to make another place to carry a weapon, did so, finally, but still no sniper rifle! When I can find the Four Weapons place in the ESC menus, it shows three positions locked, leaving me with the rifles I pick up from dead bad guys.
    Does making a weapons pouch from a goat skin unlock another weapons position, or are there other criteria?
    What happened to my $1100 sniper rifle?
    I'm at the level just difficult-shy of the simplest.
    I've got two radio towers unlocked, saw the Doctor, got the underground/sea mushrooms for Lisa, and am now heading for Medusa. I keep getting creamed by Bad Guys just East of town. I'd like to use the sniper rifle I bought!
    Can anyone help?
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    The snipe rifle is most probably unlocked. In the shop menu, go to it and you have to assign it to the "free" spot you have unlocked.
    Hope this helps.

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