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    Suggestion - Beginning of the Conquest Battles

    Hello there!

    I really like how the Conquest Battles look like, but there is one point which greatly worsens the climax at the beginning...and its pretty simple:

    Could not the battles begin with the two sides in formation, to later run and clash between them?

    It would greatly improve the emotion at the beginning of the battles, and seeing the two sides in formation with the shields and spears, even if its just 30secs before the clash, would be impressive. Also being able to run first while guiding your army just behind you would be really great.

    My constant feeling in the Demo was like "how have I ended up here in the middle of this chaos?"

    What do you think? maybe with some help we can make Ubi give it a try!

    Many thanks!
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    I agree with your idea.

    Only thing is since it was a demo we don't know for sure if it fast forwarded to that moment and we weren't shown a opening like you said.

    I agree there should be some kind of cinematic opening where there's a charge toward a center point, then the camera backs out and you take over.

    I wish there was a Arkham Knight kind of counter during conquests that while you were fighting one and a enemy came from behind, you would block and kick them away and return back to fighting with the one you were locked on. To me that would be awesome.
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    Thanks Supersandsy12 for your answer!

    Maybe you´re right and Ubi will include it in the full game...hope so!

    I imagined it more like a playable part more than a cinematic, that could be repetitive after some battles. And it would be awesome to be able to decide the "strategy" of the battle, even if its simple like choosing which side to attack.

    Sure that these battles are not stealth or pure AC, but if they decide to include them, why not making them more immersive and exciting to play?

    What do you think guys? Could maybe someone from Ubisoft share his/her opinion?

    Many thanks!
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