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    Friend cannot join my Roster/Crew, nor can I join his.

    Me and a friend have run into a problem where we can't join eachothers rosters/crew, but we can see eachother on the map just fine.

    We're also able to send eachother messages in the chat, but not joining.

    We've tried opening up the ports listed by Ubisoft, both the TCP and UDP ones, but no luck.

    Any ideas?
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    Same problem. We can play with one friends but not with 2 friends. Impossible to make a crew with 3 members. Green Nat.
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    Hi there! What happens when you try to join the same Crew? Could you send a screenshot? Do you receive an error code?
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    No code, no error. The 3rt member join. The leader and me see the crew with 3 members but the 3rd member didn't see 3 members in the crew. A few second later, the 3rd member left (auto, not his action) the crew.

    When we can launch a race with 3 members, long loading. Message : Player xxx left the crexw (the 3rd member) and the race start.
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