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    Unable to play error code

    Uplay cannot play the game error code: 3_93c5f5a4_106
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    can't not connect

    3_93c5f5a4_106 the same
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    What does that mean?
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    What does that mean
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    Idk, But I'm sure that's not problem of my network
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    Hey there JK.color and Cysilver,

    Can you both close and restart Uplay and The Crew 2 and see if you're still getting this error code?
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    The quick and temporary solution that worked for me was to set up proxy for couple of game .exe files. Mostly The Crew 2.exe and The Crew 2BE.exe. Plus some I play launcher .exe you can find them in main folder of your I play launcher and game in Programm Files(x86) or other place where you installed it to. For proxy just google proxy list, pick the proxy with the support of https, and use the program Proxifier to set up connection for needed .exe files. Once you’ve done everything launch the game and it will work.
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