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    Bug Report: Donkey Kong DLC: Bugs regarding a couple of the battles

    Hey there guys, during my short time playing this DLC i've found 2 bugs during battle, I don't understand why they happen but here we go

    The First bug happened during my battle with the first area boss side-eyes, he was backed up against one of the pipes on the bottom left upper platform when i used dk to get to the side of him and got a critical hit with his hand ground smack attack in, the game crashed the second the attack connected, same thing happened on a completely different level in the 2nd level of the beach area except this time I had set up DK with the "Attack an enemy when they move in your line of sight" ability, he threw his boomerang against a ziggie and again the game crashed the second the attack connected.

    I'm really enjoying the DLC but why are these crashes happening?
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    Hi there HeartlessMZ, thank you for reporting. Could you also report this by creating a support ticket? Thanks!
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