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    In closed beta we have HDR but in final version ddnt have...why?

    Hello Ubisoft.
    i bought GOLD edition and already start play this great game but surprisingly i dont see HDR option on my xbox one x!? In closed beta we have HDR in game, why in final version (and in open beta u can this great feature)?
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    Hey there,

    I will pass your question on to the team.
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    Please i have tried this game on my PS4 pro and xbox one X, beta versions, and i had to play on the pro cos the one X beta had no sound after the first race tutorial, but it had HDR , ps4 pro didn't, and it was supposed to come to both platform .
    now i preordered the Gold ed. and my game do not have HDR ... all other HDR games triggers HDR when i launches them on xbox one X, like NIER etc... but not this one ... was that fake advertisement ? cos it is liste in the xbox one enhanced game the HDR option is checked... can we get some news now that the game is out since a week ??
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    Was wondering what the deal was with this, as I swore I saw it supported HDR as well. Did not even realize it was in the closed beta version. Would be very awesome to get it working.
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