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    Odyssey please no 2-3 voice actors repeating lines- or give us an audio option

    As my other thread was moved for unknown reason i try to make my point more clear:

    Origins had few voice actors saying the same lines for example "high precision gerrett", it was so often and so much repeated that it got annoying fast, quite the opposite of immersive.
    I like origins but this was not just a tiny issue for many, so i just want an audio option in Odyssey to turn off the repeating background NPC chatter. if you don't want to hire more voice actors that is fine, but an option for this should be easy to implement.
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    Hey Krollenkasper,

    It seems to have been a misunderstanding.

    Thank you for clarifying your feedback regarding what changes from Origins you'd like to see in AC Odyssey.

    Please make sure to only create one thread per topic.

    Thanks again!
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