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    Hey guys looking for feedback on my track

    Made a track for fusion you can find it on the user maps Newest or Popular 48 Hours section!

    Name: (DTZ) Castors Canal
    Type: Flowing, multipath, Atmospheric
    Platinum Time: 25.000 (0 Faults)
    Gold: 39.500 (3 Faults)
    Silver: 60.000 (9 Faults)
    System: PC
    Creator: Dai Tou Zai
    Hours to make: 46/49ish

    I did do multiple beta test and Yosumin and cincil helped me out a ton with the drivingline!
    hopefully you guys can give me the best feedback so i can become an even better maker!

    Progress: Currently working on fixing clipping issues
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    I would give it a try, but I don't have the DLC
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