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    Map sizes and deathballs

    Okay Ubisoft... I get you seem to think this is a joke and you're basically not taking it seriously because you think everyone plays via headsets and talks because they're all best friends.

    What you fails to recognise is that no, not everyone does use headsets and that we aren't all able to play in groups of 4. Also the ingame message options are so bad its not even funny... Half of them never get used and (perhaps its just me) they seem to stop showing after a death/revive which makes communicating even more difficult.

    So, this brings me to my main point... Dominion needs a lot of new maps exclusively for this game mode and many of the older, smaller maps, re-purposed for Tribute etc which dont need larger maps to avoid the death balls.

    This would also allow you to change a game mode based on the map. Eg on large Tribute maps you could have 4-5 offerings rather than just 3 (with a difference in 3 offering wins). In larger Dominion maps you could have more then 1 minion objective and 2 normal objectives but also a larger score cap.

    This would make game modes feel different and not just the same regardless of the map but also allow some balancing when concerning premade teams and death balls.
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    Been running some premades with some friends and the thought is either all deathballs are premades, or that all premades deathball. Neither of which are really true. I find more often than not it's groups that are random. Not to mention as a premade with good communication, it's still very hard to fight the deathball and come out on top. It really all depends on the map. The smaller, more direct maps like the share, Highfort and the forge suffer extremely from this problem, and even good communicating will be beat out by this.
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