The original BG&E was excellent because it was an immersive experience that went outside of the expected bounds of game-play. No-one who started the game expected it to expand as much as it did and reveal so much of the environment to explore in so many creative ways. It was much more in depth and detail that anyone who started playing imagined it would be. It was a world to escape to away from all of the realities of life.

So I'm obviously a fan of the original. That said, I don't expect fan service. Every game is a creative vision just as a painting is to a painter. You don't tell the painter what to paint and you don't tell the game designer what to design.

However. I have a fear that the influence of corporate Ubisoft is going to encroach on the creative vision of the game. Ubisoft have comfortably filled the space where open world games exist. The copy paste formula that exists between Far Cry, Watchdogs, The Division and Assassins Creed is plain for all to see and whilst fun for a while it's brimming with tropes of open world games; micro-transactions, intrusive DLC boundaries, paywalls, loot boxes, loot farming, grindy EXP and level ups. Strip away whether it's a first person shooter or 3rd person hacking simulator and all the basic ingredients are there. This feels like these aspects are corporate and someone has said "Do what you will with the game but these elements are non negotiable and must be included. Make sure there are micro-transactions and nudge players towards them". I also understand that after a company like Ubisoft has invested so much time and money into a project, they want to reap the maximum rewards from it (And I actually think Ubisoft is one of the better game software companies) but here's the kicker. No matter how you implement them. It's still very obvious that's what you care about most. Yes you care whether the player has a good time, you want the game to be popular and a success, but it feels like this has been ground down to an algorithm to encourage addictive game-play to keep us coming back for more for profit.

So what I am asking here is that when you make this game, reconsider why the original is such a work of art. It's because it left the player feeling wonder, magic an awe. It didn't leave the player feeling like they'd just been spat out of the cash mill with 20 different hats. Please leave out the micro-transactions. Please leave out the DLC announcements in game. Please leave out the paywalls to DLC areas with links to websites, if you haven't got the DLC just don't mention the area. Keep that world separate from our own. Only have 1 game currency. Keep the immersion. Keep the awe and magic alive. If you do, I'd be more likely to invest in the DLC to be in that world for longer. Who wouldn't?