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    Trials Rising E3 Recap

    Riders! We’re back!

    It’s been an amazing week for our team here at E3. We were all really excited to finally share this game with the public and see your reactions! We sent 20 of our members from the Trials Development team to LA to present the game and we must say – we are elated and very humbled by the overwhelmingly positive responses to the game from you all. We would love to give you a sneak peak of our experience over the past week for Trials at E3:

    We unveiled the game on the stage during the Ubi press conference with our Creative Director Antti Ilvessuo and University of Trials’ Brad Hill (aka Professor FatShady) and of course the entrance was in the classic Antti style. With all the Star Players front and center in the audience, Brad spoke to how he once sat there and showing just how much community impacts our games:

    We also were honored to bring 3 Star Players plus some guests from the Trials Community to LA to help us celebrate the announcement! Some familiar names and faces you may know –
    • Nova Dark Storm: track builder and speed runner
    • Surf_Tiki: admin on Trials Fan group on Facebook
    • Swampballs: track builder and tutorial creator (Swampballs Tutorials and Custom Tracks)

    Our Star Players got the full VIP E3 experience! They were able to attend the Monday Ubi press conference, run wild on the showroom floor at E3, attend the Ubisoft Lounge masterclasses and even got the opportunity to meet Yves himself! This was certainly a special event and we thank you for everything you do for our community!

    Trials Rising was playable at the Ubisoft booth at the LACC as well as at the Ubisoft Lounge. Attendees of E3 were able to experience a full demo that included 11 tracks (ranging from easy to extreme difficulty), a preview of some character customization (stay tuned for more on this!), and of course…the tandem bike!

    Of course, we would also love to share this with you! Make sure to tune into Trials Live for a look at the E3 demo next Friday, June 22!

    The team was quite busy during the week with daily competitions at the Ubisoft booth stage where volunteers from the audience were able to join Shogun and ANBA in a tandem grudge match, sharing information on Trials Rising with numerous broadcasts and presenting the game to thousands of attendees. We were also delighted to receive a number of accolades from the event:

    • Best of E3 nomination from IGN
    • Best of E3 nomination from PC Gaming Enthusiast
    • Best of show nomination from yosoyungamer.com
    • Best racing game award from resetmx.com
    • Best of E3 award from MeriStationMX
    • Editor's choice award E3 2018 from Rock Paper Shotgun

    During the Master Class, we were able to present the game more in-depth to an audience in the Ubisoft Lounge. Community Developer John Lloyd, Producer Mikko Lindholm, Creative Director Antti Ilvessuo & Uni of Trials’ Brad Hill went into a full introduction to the world of Trials Rising. They spoke to the design philosophy, the early conception of the game, and an overview of our Trials Elite community and player built tutorials to help others master the game.

    We have a lot more that we want to share with you as we get closer to our early 2019 release so make sure to check in on our social channels and here in the forums for new updates! And, of course, don’t forget to sign up for the Trials Rising beta that will be coming later this year and tune into Trials Live on Friday June 22 for more!


    Thank you everyone for your continued support and love for Trials. This next year is going to be a fun one, and we’re excited to have you along for the ride.

    See you soon!
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    Well-deserved nominations, and fantastic job, honestly. The trailer had me impressed, and I'm dearly hoping you guys keep following that path.

    The beacon of light's getting closer every day.
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    It was a pleasant surprise when I was watching E3 Ubi and saw your presentation. I can't wait to play the new Trials! Congrats on you awards and nominations, they were well deserved!
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    I love you RL.

    Your E3 was fantastic, congrats for all. Funny, interesting, awesome. Perfect.
    Very very good job.

    You won it for me. *_*

    And long live the Prime Minister of Finland !!
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    Originally Posted by UbiPhobos Go to original post
    Riders! We’re back!
    With a Bang...Thank God...!!
    Thumbs up... looking absolutely stunning so far!
    I'm going to live inside that editor for years.
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    An outstanding reveal at E3. Both Antti and FatShady were excellent on stage. They owned that stage and it all came across very natural and professional.

    Every award was well deserved and I'm really looking forward to the livestream next Friday.
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    I’m eagerly awaiting this true successor to Evo. The game looks like it’ll be ultimate Trials experience; a culmination of the best elements from all previous games plus more. You’re the best, RedLynx!
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    The land of fin.
    Antti Ilvessup?
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    You're gonna release your Magnus Opus <3
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    Congratulations! The game is looking amazing so far. The tracks looks insane with so many decorations, they look really alive! Plus around 8k objects in editor? That's insane for the builders.

    I think you are in the right way for sure, let's hope this lives up to the hype right now.
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