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    We appreciate you keeping this thread up to date with the latest information, it is very useful for keeping all the information in one spot.

    Because of this I decided to sticky it so as to give it more visibility.
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    It's been a long time (been a long time, been a long, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time) since there's been an update, both on this thread and on the game in general. But despair not! E3 2019 is imminent (starts June 11, folks). Hopefully there will be new details to compile and share with folks here—some of which may add to the master post, some of which may replace information there.

    I'll be leaving for a long trip on June 25, but between E3 and my departure I'll be sure to keep folks here up to date on the latest information.

    Here's hoping for a good E3 this year.
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    i will be dead before Skull & Bones comes out

    I have been waiting ever since Ubisoft game out with the idea of the Skull & Bones game So I signed up for it goign on 2 and a half years now .. Whats going on is the game dead in the water already before it leaves the port or what .. Also what on earth are they doing collaborating on a movie first Us gamers have been waiting patiently for a response from you guys on whats going on . so come on guys lets have some info thanks ..
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    Developers if you read this could you say how skulls and Bones is going or at least say that you are reading the fórum menssage. Well i the only thing i can do now is whishing you good luck
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    Flawbringer, do you have any idea of what's going on at Ubisoft? For the longest time, I've just sat back and read other peoples posts. I have been waiting for this game very eagerly - like a lot of other people. Ubisoft these days only seems to respond once every 30 posts or so. I was wondering if they are considering cancelling the game? They've put in a lot of very good work already. If they are having problems developing it? Or, possibly, they've thought up such great stuff for the game that they have been ordered to keep it very much a secret? Trying to impress at E3 2020? What do you think? When was really the last update that told us anything worth-while? In Dec. of 2018, they said they were working harder than ever. In 2019, they skipped Skull and Bones at E3. I read a while ago, now look for release possibly 2021-2022. Honestly, I had planned to buy maybe 10 copies or more for children's homes I send games to, myself, and friends. Do you think they are starting to second guess themselves as to whether or not this game will sell?
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    Lots of things are going on at Ubisoft! I know the Division 2 team is working on a huge overhaul to the gear/loot system, for example, and I think Breakpoint is getting some heavy work done on it.

    They've also got a few games on the [relatively] near horizon: Watch_Dogs 3, Gods & Monsters, The Settlers, probably some others.

    As far as Skull & Bones, though, unfortunately there's been no public word since... about July, 2018 (the most recent news is from August 2018, but that wasn't "public," just something that was discussed at Gamescom that year). That's not counting the whole "Hey we're delaying the game" stuff.

    The game definitely is not canceled, though. If it were, that would have been announced. On the contrary, Ubisoft Singapore recently published a video on YouTube that, while not about Skull & Bones, still indicates that they're working on it. It's basically a presentation on their water modeling advancements, and it's almost an hour long, but it's still pretty cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qIgA2H90o0

    It's hard to really say for sure what's happening or why it's happening. My personal speculation is that they may have looked at the game as it was in late 2018 and realized that it either didn't fit the core vision, or that it wasn't well-suited to Ubisoft's migrations towards games-as-a-service. Given the long silence since then, I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to go back and strip the pre-alpha down to the conceptual foundations (so to speak), and then rebuild it from there with a different vision/direction.

    If you really want my speculation, I think they might be making it more like The Division. Rather than a permanent PvPvE instanced-regions structure (sort of like Sea of Thieves), they might be splitting it into a clear PvE/Co-Op component and an "opt-in" PvPvE component (a la the Dark Zone). But that's blind, baseless guesswork on my part, and should in no way be taken as authoritative in any capacity.
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    Why do you tink that they just don't write an hello we are working in the game or something like that?
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    Because we already know they're working on the game. What would be the point of telling us things we already know?

    Until they have some new details about the game to publicly reveal, I doubt they're going to stick their necks out here so the more insane and rabid trolls and doomsayers can start swinging axes at them.
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    Could you explains how do you know that they are working in the game please?
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    Because four months ago the CEO of the company confirmed that they were still working on the game, and one month ago Ubisoft Singapore posted a 51-minute video on their YouTube page that showed (among many other things) material from Skull & Bones.
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