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    • Fixed an issue where the Arcade logo would overlap with some text.
    • Fixed an issue in the Arcade Shop menu where money and perks would not be displayed correctly.
    • Game mode objective should now be correctly be displayed while in the lobby.
      Updated the modifier(s) information seen in the map information panel.
    • Fixed an issue where changes made in the interface could have ended up not being correctly saved.
    • Homeopathic timer is now displayed.
    • Fixed a possible issue where the host could end up with the homeopathic icon stuck once killed.
    • Fixed an issue with the mortar where the interface could be closed if other clients performed the same action at the same time.
    • Added notifications when picking up ammo, weapons.
    • Fixed an issue where the game could enter in an unresponsive state if the host was on fire while the match completed.
    • Fixed a possible issue where the health regeneration would not work correctly in the campaign if you previously played a Solo or Co-op map with the ‘Disable Health Regeneration’ modifier set to ‘On’.

    • Updates made in the Editor’s terrain types.
    • Updated the ‘empty map’ thumbnail under the ‘terrain type’ setting.
    • Fixed an issue where the map’s thumbnail could be incorrect when you opened it for editing under certain conditions.
    • Fixed an issue with the ‘music theme’ that would persist in some conditions.
    • Fixed a possible crash that could occur once you selected ‘Back to Arcade Editor’.
    • Fixed some camera issues when swimming in lakes.
    • Fixed an issue that could occur on consoles where the top shader of lakes would not be the correct one.
    • Fixed an issue with the lake where it covered a wider area if it was to be rotated.
    • Assets using fake lighting will not be counted anymore in the lighting budget.
    • Fixed an issue with animation points where once the map was exported the npcs would not exit them correctly.
    • When navigating the object browser on consoles you will now be returned to the previous folder rather then to the top of the list.
    • The military med kit is now correctly added to your inventory once picked-up.
    • Fixed an issue with the terrain decals where once your map gets published they were not rendered.
    • Fixed an issue on consoles where holes made in the terrain would appear filled-up once the map got published.
    • Fixed a possible issue where small parts of terrain could be seen stretching towards the skybox.
    • Fixed a visual issue with the terrain where when viewed in a certain angle you would notice parallel lines. To fix this you will need to re-publish your map.
    • Updated some objet thumbnails that were either in the incorrect angle, flipped or harder to see.
    • Updated some ‘Hours of Darkness’ assets to be in the correct categories, removed duplicate entries.
    • Various fixes made to ‘Hours of Darkness’ assets: Warehouse Terrace Furnished, Warehouse 02 Empty, Base Sandbags Empty, Base Sandbags Furnished, Warehouse Terrace Empty, Warehouse Metal (Furnished / Open 01 / Open 02), House Terrace Window 01 Opened.
    • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck if the objective was completed while on fire or swatting bees.
    • Adjustments to the map validation and management location on consoles.
    • Updated the Ultimate Hunter homeopathic icon.
    • Fixed an issue with object icons and some interface elements being briefly displayed when entering the options menu while in play/explore mode.
    • Fixed an issue with tags that could occur in Bounty hunt mode in certain conditions.
    • Fixed a possible issue with long range shadow rendering.
    • Updated the character/vehicle navigation mesh transparency on consoles.
    • Fixed a possible issue in ‘play mode’ where ammo clips could be stuck on npcs once killed.
    • Fixed an issue where the link was not seen when you selected several npcs to be assigned to a control zone.
    • [PC] When the Editor was not in focus, disabled sounds were re-enabled once it re-entered in focus.

    For more info on bug fixes, check out the Known Issues list HERE
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    Cool fixes regarding terrain glitches, decals and fake lighting counted as real ones in the budget and thanks Laureline for the detailed patch note.
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    DapperHayden is a LIAR AND CANT BE TRUSTED
    Nice to see regular updates.
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    Also, I see on the more general patch notes posted in the Announcements forum that more assets will be added to the Arcade as well, whatever they may be.
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    Thank you for the updates.

    Two things that are not mentioned which are massive.

    1. Selecting a map to be played then it switching to a map the picker never selected
    2. Camera Auto Scroll set to OFF not working (I really hope one day you guys will address this it will make life a lot simpler / faster / easier when working correctly)

    Really glad I can look at using those new terrain decals now that they will work when the map is published.

    This is good news for Arcade people were not wanting to publish maps due to the terrain hole bug, moving terrain paint and some of the other minor issues which hopefully you have fixed so brilliant - Thanks.
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    Thanks very much for posting these patch notes! I for one am very pleased to see these important fixes around the corner!
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    This is great glad to see you guys are keeping up the updates and fixing the game, I would like to add a couple issues I noticed in the editor that would be great if they were fixed in the future, one of the issues is the selection tool, say you make a custom vehicle or you have a custom detailed house you built well when you try to select it to move it it only lets you grab up to 80 objects so I makes it impossible to move custom vehicles and buildings you've made, this was never a problem in previous far cry games you could grab the entire map if you wanted to and move it, second issue would be the camera auto scroll you can go into map editor settings and turn it off and it still doesn't work, those are the main issues I can think of in the editor at this point, there's another issue as well you guys need to get rid of the seven second spawn Shield it's ruining a lot of maps especially small Maps, also I have a question will we be getting the AI weapons and vehicles with this update? Some of you guys that work over at Ubisoft were streaming not too long ago and someone asked if we would be getting the AI weapons and vehicles from the DLC and you guys said we would in the next update? Anyways you guys are doing a good job keeping up with the game keep up the great work
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    Still need to shorten the 7 sec invincibility shield on respawn. It's ruining the experience on 95% of the maps including most of your featured ones.
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    yes the selection tool could use some tuning- custom builds when repositioned move about some pieces - its annoying to have to fix them afterwards...
    don't mind the 7 sec rule cuz i'm not making meat grinder maps.... i suggest and option to set spaw invinc timing within the editor

    also I suggest a maximum of 20 or so placement explosives renderable with infinite ammo on because map mites (a$$h0L3$) can add lagg to our maps!!
    they were building trees of explosives that nearly crashed the map and I was running around trying to destroy them all, a challenge when your solo vs 6 mites

    also make the lock-on stronger for the guided rockets so as to keep the use of heli's in check- I personally love ponin' noobs like this but I also feel its kind of unfair if there is now way to shoot em down!!
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    Sad and disappointing no extra/new gamemodes are coming.
    Was really hope for this in FC5. Or announcement during E3 in this direction.

    Would also help the player count in Arcade on PC, cause people are leaving.
    Mostly because TDM all the time becomes boring after while ...

    So Ubi, give us some objective gamemodes (CTF of Domination modes) to freshen up the PvP !!!

    This is even more important than lobby system at this moment ...
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