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    Where does your character start???

    I've seen the new trailer and the pre alpha demo shown at E3, so i'm sure many of us are wondering this, but where does our main character actually start once in the game?
    Is it in the main city of Ganesha or is it a random start location? Do we get to choose a faction before starting the game? are there factions to choose from? If anyone has any thoughts comments or ideas about any of these questions please let me know or come up with some ideas for factions or start locations so we can share them with the Montpelier team!!!
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    Some ideas

    There's a great deal of tone involved with how the team wants to run their beginning. For the hybrids, at least, there's been a lot of hints at how corporations treat them, talk of "domesticateds" and such. It would be easy for them to try and manufacture a break-out as the first scene, if only a little cliche.
    I think that a break-out would be a good introduction because it would have the player test the movement and/or the combat system, all while instilling sympathy and drive for the hybrids. Plus, that might lead to conflict further down the line as corporations try to recapture those that escaped.
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    They could eventually get inspired, and do something additional with what the Skyrim Modding community did: "Live Another Life - Alternate Start" which provided for an alternative way to start the game for those who didn't wanted to go through the lengthy intro sequence of the main storyline.

    Imagine a Drunken Ship Mariner (whatever species) ejected from the Tavern; lollygaging in the gutter; or another recently released from misdemeanor... the possibilities are endless.
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    I'm curious now as to whether they'll have mods in the game I somehow doubt it for the console versions but the pc version might at some point have them. The "Live another life - Alternate start" mod for Skyrim was one of the better ones that came out so I'm hoping that if mods come to the pc version that they'll have a similar one that's just as good if not better. Though given the whole premise of a shared world that they're trying to build for the game I'm unsure as to whether they'll even want to allow mods into it at all.
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    I think that where you start or how your story begins should be an option in the character creator your creator should one have a background(origin) where you choose few distinct choices on your character's back story.

    Then you would choose why they are at that certain place in the map:
    ▪For money
    ▪Family and friendship
    ▪birth place
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    If there would be creating a character, I would like to see the origins of the hero by his race. Such a start selection always seemed shallow to me.
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    I just thought of something when listening to the creators talk about the player's mothership, the Gada. They say that the player's mothership is the Gada. Now, I don't know if this was a misstatement, but if it is the truth, it holds interesting implications. For example, the destruction of the Gada by the Alpha Sector, or at least the attack on her, would be an interesting and dramatic place to start off the main character, the players. It would dump them right into combat much like Destiny 2 did in Towerfall, and how many action games start out. Plus that would give a good way to thread in the attachment to the crew and to Jade. The 'start from the bottom' the team has described might mean we fell to rock bottom rather than we have always been there. As an aside, this could also play into character creation very easily and the backgrounds associated. The main scene in the background would no longer be unique and isolated from player to player, but would be united by the destruction of the Gada as a key touchstone event. It would unite players and shift the focus of their character from the future question of what will you become, but instead make the question be how do we come back from this? Such a shift will make the players more invested in the world, more grounded in the game's reality, and feel more vulnerable. Nothing makes people feel more of an underdog than losing nearly everything they have, and the long climb back to power will thus feel all of the more satisfying.
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    I figured when you get done making your own character you pop up in a laboratory because they say You’re a clone so the scientist Ships you off to the planet that best fits your abilities
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    I think we may start on the ganesha planet but the side where the meteors fall. And start off running around to get the diwalite and then go from there maybe.. you get left behind maybe or you go back to the city
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