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    Everything you need to know about Skull & Bones after E3 2018

    What follows below is a list of common questions as well as some things we won’t be speaking about yet but want you to be aware of.

    Oh E3, what a great time of the year! Droves of new information from all your favorite games and developers. Sometimes it can get a bit tricky to keep track of all the things you have learned or keep the facts straight.

    Fret not, we are here for you! What follows below is a list of (predicted) common questions as well as some things we won’t be speaking about yet but want you to be aware of.

    What do I actually do in Skull & Bones?
    Our pirates have refused the King's Pardon and left the Caribbean for the far more lucrative waters of the Indian Ocean. On this new frontier, they must not simply survive, but thrive. It’s eat or be eaten, and everyone wants a bigger slice. To succeed, players must:

    Gain more powerful ships and crews
    This means acquiring new ships, customizing them, building a roster of crew member with varied abilities and growing your power through an involved and multifaceted progression system.

    Form a lethal pirate gang that no rival can take down
    Become a feared Pirate no one dares to betray in the Hunting Grounds and make your hideout a safe haven worthy of hosting the most dreaded crew on the Indian Ocean. None of this can be achieved without making a few friends along the way.

    Manipulate the different factions, bending them to their will
    Force conditions beneficial for your personal objectives by manipulating trade routes and players alike. Those prepared pirates who spend ample time in the hideout preparing their ship and crew for the dangers ahead will reap the most impressive hauls.

    When will Skull & Bones be released?
    Skull & Bones is scheduled to be released in 2019. Stay tuned to our Twitter feed, Facebook and our webpage at SkullAndBonesgame.com for more information and to sign-up for our live phases.

    When can I try the game in a beta or alpha?
    There is no date set yet, register at SkullandBonesgame.com to be sure you will not miss any news.

    Are there any plans to enable a player to own a trade route and get "auto-loot"?
    As the game is still in pre-alpha, more details will be shared closer to the release of the game. For now, players can organize into pirate gangs to control lucrative trade routes by actively plundering them.

    What can I do in the Hideout?
    The Hideout gives the player a personal base of operations where they can plan activities, track progression, and manage ships, resources and crew. It’s a safe spot to take cover from the action of the high seas of Skull & Bones and plot their next heist!

    Will there be other islands you can explore or multiple hideout locations?
    Your hideout will be the only island players can fully interact with. Skull & Bones is a game about the most exhilarating part of piracy: the hunt that happens at the helm of your ship. Thus, the main focus is your adventures at sea.

    Can I control fleets of ships or just my own?
    Players will always command one ship at a time. Every player will start as the captain of a single ship, but can acquire and further expand their arsenal of ships over time.

    Can you send ships in your fleet on missions if they're not being sailed?
    Your pirate captain is a fighter who is always present on the battlefield, leading his or her crew. In the world of Skull & Bones, it’s hunt or be hunted, not sit back and let others do the work for you.

    How important is the customization in Skull & Bones?
    Players can customize their ships with different weapons and crewmates to create distinct play-styles and roles. Ship customization is central to our progression and adds to the diversity and depth and tactical nature of our gameplay.

    Both weapons and crew can be leveled to allow players to tackle more difficult encounters. Some customization is purely cosmetic and doesn't affect gameplay, such as your captain's wardrobe or your choice of pirate emblem.

    Can you customize both ships and your Captain?
    Yes, you can customize both your ships and your captain. Your ship has a variety of cosmetic options, including sails, figureheads, and your ship wheel and paint colors. Captains will also have a variety of customization options including pants, jackets and hats and different character models, including male and female.

    Can you name your ship?
    The name of a ship is a big part of its identity. We are exploring options to allow for player expression while maintaining the logic, believability and fantasy of our world. More information will be shared closer to the release of the game.

    Are there any differences in the type of crew members? Can I upgrade them?
    In our demo, there are many different crewmates available. Each crewmate will have his or her own background and strengths he or she brings to your ship. One of your challenges will be to recruit the right crew for the right job and to make sure they survive the hunt.

    What are Fortunes?
    Fortunes change the state of the game world, challenging players to adapt to the new conditions. This year at E3, we're showcasing the Favorable Winds and Hostile Takeover fortunes:

    Favorable Winds
    This fortune means more merchants, their holds overflowing holds with immense riches and treasure, sailing on fast moving trade winds. It's an opportune time for pirates to plunder these lucrative trade routes, but keep your eyes peeled for other captains who may challenge your might.

    Hostile Takeover
    Heavy warships are fighting across the area, limiting trade. While commodities may be scarce, pirates willing to risk battle can receive outsized rewards.

    Future seasons and expansions will introduce new Fortunes, creating an ever-growing library of stories and experiences for players.

    What is the wildlife that we will see in the game? Can I hunt sea creatures?
    Skull & Bones is a work of fiction that focuses on the twilight of the Golden Age of Piracy in the Indian Ocean. As such, players will encounter all sorts of wildlife and creatures, including feared predators no sailor would ever want to meet. However, currently the game does not portray whaling, fishing, or hunting animals.

    Can you betray someone or vice versa in PvE/PvP? How does this work?
    Yes, you can disguise yourself as another faction, take another player's loot left floating in the water after they die, and–in the higher level Hunting Grounds–you can directly betray your teammates by attacking them in combat.

    Can I board other ships and control my character during boarding?
    Boarding weakened ships is crucial for a pirate’s progress; it involves extra risk, but also promises greater rewards: more loot. It is a high risk, finishing maneuver that works within the context of a fast-paced, live multiplayer setting. To perform it, players will need to master positioning and a timely execution when they are beside an enemy ship. You do not control a character since you are still commanding your crew.

    How many factions are there in the game?
    Players will face a variety of empires and navies present in the Indian Ocean. This year at E3, the factions include La Buse's Gang, the British EIC, and the Portuguese Empire. These are just a few of the ruthless factions that players will have a chance to take on in our game. Other enemy factions will be revealed closer to launch.

    Are there any historical characters?
    Yes, you will encounter historic pirates and leaders. In the material we are presenting here at E3, you will encounter several associates of Olivier Levasseur, or La Buse. He was a genuine historic figure and one of the most successful pirates who hunted the Indian Ocean. He is only one of many characters drawn from or inspired by authentic history.

    How many regions will be in the game?
    This year at E3, we’re showing a glimpse of the East African coast near Mozambique, the Quirimbas Archipelago. In addition to what you have seen, there’ll be more diverse and exotic regions that will have a different look and feel from one another. More details on additional regions will be revealed closer to launch.

    Are you using P2P or your own dedicated servers?
    We will be using dedicated servers to provide the best possible quality of service. We want our players to have the best experience possible and we felt that dedicated servers was the right choice for our game.

    Have more questions about Skull & Bones? Join the conversation on Twitter with #LongLivePiracy, discuss with fans and developersright here on the forums, or hang out in the unofficial fan made discord channel.

    As we are in pre-alpha there are a fair amount of questions where the answer might not arrive immediately. For now, let us celebrate our shared love of Pirates and let the above questions and answers serve as a strong basis for future discourse!
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    so the only way that we can control our character is when we're in the hideout? Can we move in the ship? I hoped that we can at least control the character when boarding enemy's ship
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    Originally Posted by SOLID-FAISAL Go to original post
    so the only way that we can control our character is when we're in the hideout? Can we move in the ship? I hoped that we can at least control the character when boarding enemy's ship
    I get the feeling this is going to come up a lot, so I made a thread about Why Cutscene Boarding is a Good Thing™ to hopefully persuade people that it's not all doom and gloom, and to focus on the positives of the game.

    None of the gameplay to date has shown moving the captain around in the ship (the captain controls the helm at all times). That doesn't mean you aren't controlling your captain, though. Managing the helm is no trivial task.
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    My community is wondering if it is possible to avoid pvp conflicts?
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    Originally Posted by ranalin01 Go to original post
    My community is wondering if it is possible to avoid pvp conflicts?
    Justin Farren mentioned in a couple of interviews that when you're out in the world, you're never not online. There's always the chance of encountering other players. However, doesn't mean every encounter is one of conflict, and they want to make sure players have the tools to make decisions about interacting peacefully (or trying to avoid the interaction altogether). He's mentioned that the spyglass / crow's nest is a good way of identifying a potential problem early enough to take "evasive maneuvers" if you don't want to encounter the other player, and they also want to make sure there are communication options, etc.

    Basically, the short version is that you can try to avoid PvP conflict, but there's never a guarantee of it because, you know, other players are things that will exist.
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    После презентационных роликов на e3 руки зачесались схватиться за штурвал и окунуться в море пиратства, отважных моряков и свежего морского воздуха!!
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    Is there going to be a single player mode?

    I was wondering if there are going to be seperated PvE and PvP modes? Will there be a singleplayer or is the whole game PvP
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    All we know about modes to this point are the Hunting Grounds (PvPvE open-ish dynamic regional environment with up to 10 concurrent players) and the Disputed Waters (dedicated, separated 5v5 PvP mode that was showcased at E3 2017).

    Devs have stated that there is no "isolated" single-player mode. Players can play "solo," but they're never guaranteed to be "alone" because of other players in that PvPvE environment. However, they're giving players tools (e.g. the crow's nest / spyglass) to help them identify other players early on and (should they so desire) take steps to [try to] avoid them.
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    Is there allready an official date of release ?
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