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    An old D/B here. Bring it back. Just bring it back. I just bought siege, and i am so disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it's a good game. But... not quite as good. I would love to play against SeC once again, and get my *** kicked, of course
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    +1 for bringing grp back in some capacity. I played the game from closed beta to shutdown and I believe that the downfall of grp had nothing to do with the core game but rather how it was supported post launch. Playing grp in the beta was the most fun I have had playing an online pvp game ever, plain and simple. The tug of war style game mode (I forgot what it was called) was simply amazing and I've yet to play a game mode that fun in any other game. The maps were designed so we'll for it too since they were not trying to fit 8 modes into one map. After launch however the direction of the game became clear. New maps came out painfully slow, especially towards the later years (maybe a new map every 4-6 months if I recall correctly). New premium weapons however came out seemingly every other week and we're blatantly more powerful than previous ones. The priority was clearly on milking money out of the community. I get that it's a business but it was very blatant (again especially towards the end). That's why the community died off, stale content and p2w mechanics). Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed the game till the end because I thurrowly enjoyed the base gameplay. Part of that might also have been because I was willing to spend some money on the guns and therefore didn't feel unfairly disadvantaged. But It was hard not to get jaded watching the new p2w packs release with lack of other content because you knew it would kill the game and it did. So please give the core of grp a second chance, with the proper support and monitization model it could be something truly great. Sorry if this got a little ranty.
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    GRP was literally the best game ever, a GRP2 would be honestly a dream coming true even if it wasn't free play.
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