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    Bring ghost recon phantom or do grp 2

    grp 2
    I am a big fan of videogames and i just have one thing to say. I have played alot of games such as fortnite, league of legends, all far cry games , watch dogs, rainbow six siege, ghost recon wildlands, battlefield 1 and 4, call of duty advanced warfare and infinity warfare, warframe,CS:GO, etc...
    I played Ghost recon phantoms from the beta to the finish and it was the best game ever made by any company. I understand why you finished it. You had just launched rainbow siege six and you probably wanted more players to that game, but the truth is that GRP earned you alot of money. I know it too well because i spend ALOT of money on it and I didn't mind doing it because the game mechanics were unique and no other game had that. It was unique and special. It had alot of potencial.It was going to be the best game ever made if you invested a little bit.I made alot of friends from other countries on that game. When it finished i got very sad because there wasn't any game similar to GRP on the market and still there isn't. No other game gives me the joy that GRP gave me. Bring it back please or maybe make it better and even if it isn't a F2P game everyone will buy it because we miss the game so much. PLEASE BRING GRP BACK OR REMAKE IT., IT WAS THE BEST GAME EVER AND I HOPE YOU SEE THIS MESSAGE AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT!.
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    GRP Revival

    I thought i was the only one who wanted the revival. It was such a unique game, sad it was shut down. As you said, there are currently no other game that share the mechanics. The petitions to bring back GRP has 8k+ signatures, but it doesn't seem like its going anywhere. Some of the old players are trying to build their own version, and I have a feeling Ubisoft will go full Nintendo when they've completed the game and shut it down too. Ubi should revamp the game, and sell the product like they did with Siege (Siege player here too). What pisses me off the most was when they broke the news, they blamed it on the community, saying that there weren't enough people playing/ or appreciating the new content. The thing is, we were waiting for new content, but no updates came for over a year, except for the monthly AC discounts. After a year of dev inactivity or so, they decided to shut it down. IMO Ubi dug their own grave with this one, where they pulled the guys from Phantoms to work on Wildlands and Siege You can see Siege has elements of GRP, but the gameplay is nothing close, really. I really think if Ubi revamped GRP and give it a proper release, it would've been much more favourably received. GRP died from players complaining about Pay-to-win methods. You don't have to go far to see the effects on the industry, i.e. Star Wars Battlefront 2 character paywall.
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    I usually don't communicate much on forums, but I guess I had too do it this time. I frequently check if there is anything new about Ghost Recon Phantoms / Ghost Recon Online, and happened to see this. Well, I miss GRP a lot. There is probably nothing I can do about it, and I'll probably never see anything as close as GRP again. But it was without doubt one of the best (if not the best) game I have ever played. In fact, I'm sure many players can say the exact same thing. And like them, I absolutely wish to see GRP come back.
    But let's face the truth : Ubisoft is not going to bring it back. And as r4zorlemon4de said, even if there are a few projects in development (which I attentively keep track of), they might not lead anywhere or get forcibly closed. So yep, unlikely.

    Yet, I still hope. I still hope that it'll happen in some way or another, even if it seems impossible. Like Sonosoii said : I hope that someone who is able to do something for GRP will see this message, and that he will try his best to do that thing.
    (I'm getting emotional but it happens every time I don't get enough sleep and I see something about GRP)

    Shout out to GRP, and a big thank to Ubisoft and the devs, because they both made GRP and my happiness.
    I still hope.
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    Grp .. everyday someone on ts says "i wish grp was back" Fondest memories and greatest friends I ever made are from my Ghost Recon Phantom days. No other game compared.
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    This is theBurgRat from grp. Every once is awhile I look to see if they will bring it back. The only game I truly loved to play and met a lot of other gamers . Would love to see it come back.
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    Just needed to bump this!

    Also did the same on here for the same issue!

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    Ramenez GRP à la vie !

    Comme dit précédemment je suis l'un des nombreux fans et ancien joueur de GRP qui n'a qu'une seule envie qui est de voir le retour de GRP. Que ce soit par un GRP 2 ou en relançant les serveurs ... Tout les jours je pense à ce jeu fabuleux auquel je ne peu plus me connecter. Faites-en un jeu payant à l'achat s'il vous plait.
    Je vais bientôt sortir une nouvelle vidéo de GRP sur ma chaîne youtube et si ça ne suffit pas j'en sortirais encore une autre et encore une autre...!
    La communauté est encore présente et des vidéo de GRP apparaissent sans cesse sur youtube depuis sa disparition.

    (French language)
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    Nah they should bring the gameplay back but not with the Ghost Recon name on the box. It was a really fun game but really bad sequel to the series. It's was all about magical abilities and weapon skins. The game dragged the series down to a goofy mess. It had nothing to do with Tom Clancy or Ghost Recon. It was a F2P game using the title Tom Clancy and Ghost Recon for the sake on name recognition and nothing else.

    Bring back the gameplay but take out the Ghost Recon name.

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    I still miss the gameplay of GRP. It was uniquely balanced.
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    so many games tried in the last years and still i nerver forget this game its the best

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