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    Bring in back

    I'm really wait for a day to coming back to play this game
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    You guys are not alone in your wishes.
    I want GRP back same as you guys.
    The only online tactical shooter where run and gun do not work like in CoD or BF games.
    In GRP whole team and all 3 classes must work together to win.
    Alone you will die.
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    I played/am-playing many shooters. Nothing comes even close to GRP. The mechanics are still unmatched. The devices were great and fun to use. The gunplay amazing. The gun customization really good. The classes enforced different play styles (except for the unbelievably gifted players). Tactical and team gameplay was a necessity. A game of skill, situational awareness and quick thinking. The thinking started at the pre-start of the game when picking classes after the teams formed. It had it all.
    It is a shame that something like Fortnite or Aplex-Legends exists, while GRP doesn't.
    In fact the only reason I bought wildlands, "siege 6" and the "division" was because of GRP, which made me like Ubisoft games. And yes, I still find GRP better and more fun than these games.
    Bring back the game already. It will be great if you add a mode to practice against AI, so one can study the maps better. I will go back playing it even if nothing was improved since it was killed. I don't even care about hackers/glitches as much as I care about being able to play the game.
    Alternatively, give it as a gift to the community. We can set private servers and have fun on our own.
    General 4 GRP avid player signing off.
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    I agree with you guys, that game was amazing. Hope some day they will make our dreams come true. Imagine GRP on the division engine and with year's passes not that stupid f2p, it will be legendary.
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    Similar forum post on Steam, is raising for years already. But I think here is more proper place to have this discussion of bringing the game back.
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    Originally Posted by RunBeforeYouDlE Go to original post
    so many games tried in the last years and still i nerver forget this game its the best

    I've been checking every few months for the last 3 years if there is anything on the radar.

    I hope Ubisoft relaunches this game, it was the best there ever was.

    After phantoms shut down I stop playing pretty much.
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    I want it back too !

    You said it already. This game was the best 3rd-Person-Shooter ever. I had over 1200 playing hours...

    German: Hoffentlich kommt es eines Tages wieder. Ich habe leider zu wenig Ahnung und kann nicht einschätzen, ob die Kosten für das Laufen des Spiels so hoch sind. Vielleicht könnte man die Daten zum Verkauf ausschreiben und einem anderen Publisher ermöglichen dieses Spiel wieder auf den Markt zu bringen, ähnlich wie Epic Games Paragon zugänglich gemacht hat, nachdem Fortnite durch die Decke ging.
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    I played GRO / GRP for over 4 years ... And what can I say ... It was just a great game , great by its unique tactical gameplay and it's wonderful community
    I have many good memories in it ,friendships created , intense and emotional matches and clan wars ...
    Years after its shutdown , and still no other game is as fun as GRP was ...
    We miss it, and i hope the game will be back .
    IGN Nivans62, former member of the SeC and vikings / v / clan.
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    PLEASE Bring Back Phantoms!

    Ghost Recon Phantoms was my absolute favorite game. Please PLEASE bring it back!
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    Ghost Recon Phantoms still the best....... i love Ghost recon Phantoms so much ( anhlafong )
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