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    Developer Livestream: Arcade Map Editor

    Start making your own Far Cry Arcade maps with these helpful tips straight from the development team and get ready for the next Map Jam! Watch the full stream here:
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    Is the map jam gonna be multiplayer or solo/co-op maps? Gonna take a wild guess its solo/co-op. Cause it's easy to play test solo/co-op cause the multiplayer pick a map is horrible and isn't like we got a extra 11 friends playing this game when we wanna test a map. Also private lobbies get stale of 2vs2. Also no respawning vehicles makes larger maps with vehicles dull. Small maps gets to cluttered.

    Also DM and the crazy respawn timer of seven seconds is to long. Not happy how DM and TDM lobbies are mixed together as well. Also lack of game modes long before games release when that UBISOFT guy was asked on youtube and he said TDM and DM. I knew that it get old fast. Then toss in a million boring maps. Multiplayer is fizzing out fast. Also back tracking to 6vs6 was bad from the get go. Heck old consoles handled 8vs8 fine last gen.
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    Thanks for making this stream, it's always cool to put a face on the people we are interacting with on this forums.

    Looking at the chat and saw one important question repeated several times.

    Do you plan on adding any kind of logic system with triggers in future updates or is it something that already involve too much work for this Far Cry 5 editor ?
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    Add map pick for only published levels. You are hurting map builders by not promoting them and only promoting feature maps. Please.
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    Can we have a multiplayer map Jam or have you already given up on MP in Far Cry 5 Arcade?

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