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    I never said anything about not being compensated for a bug in the game that caused you to lose a showdown you should have won. Don't put words in my mouth. I was talking about the player's choice to spend money. If you have spent money and that happened, then yes, you are certainly owed that money back, or some form of compensation.

    Believe me, I am not on RedLynx's side. Quite the opposite actually, really tired of their crap to be honest. Another reason to not trust them and spend your hard earned cash on this.
    In that case maybe this post of yours was a bit hasty?
    While I hate this season as much as the next, and it is complete and total BS, RL is not responsible for you spending money. It is your choice. Blame them for everything bad going on, but you can't say they stole your money. You gave it to them willingly, they didn't "make" you buy more tickets.
    This thread is started by a guy who bought tickets and get wins registered as losses. Maybe he worded it a bit strong with "making", but you know very well that the idea behind games like this, free game with in game purchases, is to find ways to "encourage" people to... well, buy things in game. They earn nothing on me, I'm leeching on the guys who actually pay, so I am not speaking for my own sake here, I am simply defending ordinary consumer rights.
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    Originally Posted by xitooner Go to original post

    Was that badly phrased? Sorry, but no . . . not in this case. RL can sell tickets any time they want, and you and others might very well have wanted to buy some for all kinds of reasons. The act of selling tickets wasnt broken; the showdown scoring was. If RL had a bug in SELLING tickets, then I would agree with you though.

    I did not know that you can use the tickets for anything other than the showdowns. What must be remembered here is also that the whole showdown things was very confusing for many in the beginning, many was not sure what to do to win and as a result of that they was not sure of what happened in the end was a result of a bug or their own riding. RL never acknowledged this bug in the game, only here in the forum and in a quite vague manner. What we know about the bug we had to figure out by ourselves and it took quite many tickets to understand the full scope of RL's brainfade. There are many many people using this game still and I am sure many bought tickets, trying to showdowns win by skill and determination when no skill and no determination could beat the bugs. I think most of us ran into the situation where you could do run with better score, better time and less faults than you opponent and still lose. Some tracks just stayed red.
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    Showdown cheaters

    It is becoming a joke. I pay a fair amount of money to support ubisoft and in return it allows cheaters to flood their game. I dont know how to contact ubisoft to sort this out but it is getting beyond the joke. I have recorded the cheats in action. Someone please help.
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