Im new on that forum. I've got the Trials Fusion from the monthly games for ps4 and it forced me to set up this account.

I can't find any Forum on here for Trials Fusion?

As the game is bugged up I'd like to get support because I've paid for DLC's I can't use now.

I've read that many people having trouble to get Rewards for done Tournaments. I've done thousands of them and none get shown in the list? I've got no acorns for my wins and the tournaments list is empty.

I've seen some people only could fix it with by some devs, sliming at forums from 2016 there seems no official support, I've read also that the rewards popped up after 3month!!! by random.

Maybe someone else has the same issue I guess many People downloaded it this month, or went the same way to fix. Is this the right Forum to place that?


Thanks for Tips.