As lonly Wolf

I mostly play dominion these days.

The games more often ,3xradom players vs a TEAM ( which i know many of them becaus of stream, youtube , etc ) . Actually no problem atall play vs good players but then one leave , a bot replace , the bot run to middle of the match (b Zone ) then someone join, """blablabla replace the bot"""", bot is already in middle and fight while u have 2v2 situation, bot is away boof awayyyyyy. u have 1v2 . then the guy who replace the bot leave too then the bot comes again, in like 2 - 5 min of the match we r only with 3 people fightin i mean if i have a bot in team its already very bad but when u have nobody is just worst.

- When bots replace people , if he is dead then bot should join in base, if he get dc or alt f4 in middle of game bot should be instant where the other guy was otherwise the fight is gg.
- When people replace bots, they have to wait until the bot is dead and then join the game. ( I dont like this when people join in middle of the game , and mostly leave in short time when they see all zones r in enemy,s hand ,and mostly this round is over becaaus of that join leave dramaaaaaaaaaaaa)
- When teams search for matches they should get first a team to fight vs , if there is any then others, more often bots in team and the leave join blabla begins.

Actually no problem if u have a bot in team, u can work with them, they mostly aggrasive and u can teamup good when u play with them a long time. But this just destroy the whole match and u can also leave the game and search for new match while this is very bad for others aswell . THIS "TIME WASTING " WHILE U HAVE A FEW HOERS TO PLAY JUST SUXXXXXX !!

Please please please dont waste time of players and do something for it .

This kind of fixes should happen fast not when new season begins.