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    the xp boost tickets reward for s6 event

    it was said that xp boost tickets would be given at the end of the s6 event for every character you had rep 1+ and more for every rep 50. i have not gotten these xp boost tickets yet. i dont know if they were not given yet or i didnt get mine.

    also killing a player with a bridge trap on gauntlet doesnt add a kill to scoreboard/player profile/ in game renown. this is a glitch because it has added it before
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    Here is an excerpt from this article explaining the rewards and XP boost tickets from this event.

    "Then, between June 4 and June 8, all players will also get additional rewards depending on their Heroes’ reputation levels; if any of your Heroes are at reputation level 50 or higher, you’ll get an exclusive Emblem Outline and for every Hero you have with a reputation of 50 or above, you’ll also receive seven days of Champion Status (which will also be available at a 30% discount during the event, and will increase the odds of getting special event items). Lower-level Heroes won’t be left out; for every Hero you have with a reputation between 1 and 49 from June 4-8, you’ll get an XP boost ticket."

    So you will likely receive your rewards after June 8th at the latest. Please let me know if you have any further questions!
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    thanks i missed the area where it said june 4-8 also could ask the dev team about the glitch i said also if they could lower the chance of exetreme gear appearing. i trying get balanced + + + gear and most of what i find is exetreme gear [ 1+ 2- ]. ok now to stop myself from talking about the 1000+ things on my for honor list
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    Do the do boost tickets refresh each day or are they one time use?
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    there like loot crates. you use a ticket and not salvage for a xp boost
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    I only got like 10 tickets lol
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    technically thats high number because the max was 18 to get... i got 17 the reason i didnt get 18 was because i have a rep 50 i got the rep 50 reward and not another rep 1-49 reward
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