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    Crew 2: Feedback (bug)

    Dear Ubisoft, I was invited in the closed-beta of The Crew 2. All started very well, but when i selected to play the off-road race, where we first play with the Mercedes pick up truck, i found an annoying bug.The races started very well about when i got close to the end (where you have to go around the lake) i thought that maybe the pick-up truck can cross the water and the i drove right into the lake. the actual bug came up when i was almost in the middle of the lake. The game realized that the truck was stuck in the water and try to respawn me a bit back, but i was a long way from the road so it respawned me again and again into the lake. i tried to press the 2 key to get back on road but the "death" was very quick that it didn't registered my actions. i was stuck in a loop of respawing into the lake. Unfortunately i had to manually close and restart the game. This was the only bug i found as a beta tester. All in all your game is very stable, it has amazing graphics and i really like the transitions from the map to the car and opposite. Well done Ubisoft once again for creating such an outstanding game. Sincerely, DarkTekkis18
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    Thanks for this bug report! I'll send it to the team!
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