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    Game Security Violation Detected (#0000000D)[LightingService.exe]

    Trying to launch far cry 5 on uplay with corsair iCUE with sdk support running. The fans/RGB change colours as the game launches and gets to the first black screen but it crashes immediately with error and returns to its default colour profile.
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    Thank you for reporting this to us, Needsnursing

    Just to confirm we're aware of these custom LED programs causing this issue to occur. Unfortunately you have have to have it disabled for the moment, to allow you to access the game.
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    Still ther same thing, nice

    So a few weeks later, sitll the same thing. NICE!
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    It should be a simple task to "Whitelist" LightingService.exe. We certainly cannot expect Asus to fix it, they are horrible at software programming, so there is no telling what would happen if they tried to patch for EAC detecting this as a cheat. There also appears to be no forum for EAC so the only way to notify them is to open a support ticket which they eventually ignore.
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    Even though this will likely go nowhere, I opened a ticket on easyanticheat that asked them to whitelist this service. If everyone else with this issue does the same thing maybe they will at least not ignore the requests.

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    I actually got an answer from EASYANTICHEAT, I am not sure I beleive it but will be opening a ticket with Asus since the ROG line is made for gamers, but if gamers can't use the features what is the point.

    Thank you for contacting us.
    The software in question uses vulnerable components that can be exploited for cheating or cause unexpected errors. That is why we recommend closing this application before starting the game. If the vulnerabilities are fixed, the error will not be displayed.

    Let us know if we can help you with anything else.
    In the meantime have a great day!
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    After more testing it appears that Aura 1.06.17 which uses the service called LightingService.exe instead of the current LightingControl.exe does pass the EAC security checks. LightingControl.exe is the newest service and should be looked at more closely to see if there are indeed componets used that can be exploited.
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    This issue has started to happen again with the improved Asus Lighting Control v1.06.95 (11th September 2018) drivers/Windows service, and without force ending the service within Task Manager, most Uplay games (using EAC) do not work
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    Hey guys, I reported this issue directly to an asus employee so let's see what happens.
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    After more then 1 month asus aura didnt update new version and issue still there. I have to install oldier version of aura software but why nothing move on ?????
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