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    Far Cry 3 classic edition issues and some suggestions (original xbox one)

    Hi! I played the farcry 3 classic edition for an hour or so and I noticed some issues. I hope that these will be fixed soon.

    - Framerate and stuttering issues.
    - Aiming is difficult because of aim acceleration and deadzone.

    Things I would like to see added to this game.

    - Option to turn motion blur off.
    - Option to change game difficulty at any time.
    - Splitscreen support.
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    Far Cry 3 Classic Edition Issues

    The deadzone is really bad on this. I wish more games added this to the settings menu so I can adjust to my preference. Also Please remove the motion blur. It is really ruining my enjoyment of this game. It is not a good implementation of it and there should be an option to turn it off.
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    Hey guys, for the controller/deadzone issue, could you create a ticket and share the ticket number below?
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