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    Problem solved by Ubisoft (... in my case ..)

    .. for two days now, the game started to work ... keeping my bailouts. I hope this communication is useful to someone ...
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    I FOUND THE FIX go to your save date and delete the saved OPTIONS it somehow blocks all access but as soon as I deleted the OPTIONS saved data the game started to work
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    Compré el juego en 2019 y el problema sigue sin arreglar

    El día 03/03/219 compré Toy soldiers: War chest en las rebajas de Ubisoft en la PS Store.

    Arranco el juego, termino el tutorial y el juego se queda congelado en el menú principal.

    Entro en foros en la red para encontrar que éste problema lleva sin resolverse desde 2015.

    La única solución que me dan es poner a mi consola la fecha del 01/08/2015 y desconectarla de internet. ¿En serio? ¿Es ésto solución?

    Por favor, sacad un parche o una actualización que solucione ésto, o dejad de vender el juego. Me parece de sinvergüenzas engañas a los usuarios de ésta forma.

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    Still broken Freeze to menu xbox

    I've tried numerous ubisoft tickets and they do not want to help or address Signal Studios that their game is broke. They have no problem selling a broken game and collecting money but when it comes to fixing it not so much. The only work around is to set your console as home console, then reset it, then set console date to jan 2015 then reset conole and remain in offline mode. But once you go online then we have to repeat all of these steps. Shame on Ubisoft and Signal Studios.
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    Still Broken

    I just bought this and I got to play about 2 hours before it started doing the stuck on main menu thing. Why would they never fix this?
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    Beware you only have 14 days after purchasing the product. I was two days over and they refused me.
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    Go offline from Internet. (settings -> general -> network settings -> go offline)
    Restart console.
    Change date to Jan.1.2015. (settings -> system -> time -> date)
    Start the game, and load the main menu.
    Go back online. (settings -> general -> network settings -> go online)

    Now you can once choose something from the main menu, but you can't back-out to the main menu or it freezes again.
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    Reloaded on new console

    I bought and played the game last year. Now on my new XBox One I downloaded my purchased game and only to end frozen on the main menu screen just like all the others. Please fix.
    Originally Posted by videogamekingZ Go to original post
    I recently bought the Xbox One version of Toy Soldiers War Chest: Hall of Fame Edition on sale and things seemed to be working fine. I did the tutorial, played a few missions, then closed the game to go do something else. When I came back the next day, I signed into my account and I was stuck on the menu screen. I tried reinstalling the game, deleting DLC, changing the date and time on my console, and nothing has worked. I’ve seen a handful of forum posts from up to 3 years ago saying they’ve had the same issue I have. How has this serious game-breaking bug not been fixed yet? If anyone from Ubisoft is reading this, please fix this bug once and for all!
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