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    nice to hear you saying that, but the reality is unfortunately different from what you say.

    i have a season pass for far cry 5 (PC) and the only one what i miss is a far cry 3 game witch everyone say that it will be automatically added to my game library.

    But till the date from today 30-06-2018 notting happend.

    If i wright to the ubisoft support in my country (Netherlands) i get no reply back.

    So its verry frustrated.

    Also i read somewere that the release date were 26-06-2018 but how much i look in the game or in my game library from Uplay notting happend. No far cry 3.

    So if you have more solutions let me know how to fix this or give me better information.
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    Got to the Season pass and select manage and far cry 3 should be in there if not then yeah I would be super frustrated also hope that works for you cheers mate
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    When do we get Lost On Mars??? It’s July and we haven’t heard anything yet
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    Add on packs problem

    The lost on Mars and zombie add on packs now appear in the menu with the vietnam war add-on but if you click on them they ask you to buy the content instead of installing and playing. I have the season pass. Mayne they have appeared prematurely( according to the timeline) but it is frustrating to see them listed yet not be able to play them.
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    I came here to ask about Mars.. it's in the menu? Did they stealth-drop it maybe?

    ETA: Yep, the menu options are live.
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    Screw Elin Musk, man's lifting off soon. Drop this before Rockstar drops GTA V nightlife update please
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    Originally Posted by skaXcore Go to original post
    When do we get Lost On Mars??? It’s July and we haven’t heard anything yet
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    Far Cry 5: Post Launch Timeline

    Travel back in time to war-torn Vietnam on June 5th in the Hours of Darkness DLC! Join Nick Rye to discover uncharted terriotories in Lost on Mars during July, and take on hordes of undead in Dead Living Zombies during August. Take your Far Cry experience even further with weekly live events, Friday Arcade Nights, and the FC3 Classic Edition
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    Free weekend for Far Cry 5

    I heard that Far Cry 5 was supposed to be free this weekend. Two DAYS I download the game to take advantage of the promotional offer, to see what it is.
    Now, when I installed the game and I want to play I see the window with the slogan "pay".
    It's Sunday, 8 pm and you tell me to buy a game. Any jokes? Which weekend is it talking about? It is unfair.
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    THX, this exaclly what I search
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