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    I agree with two-step authentication, but you guys have to sort out how it behaves when a GAME ius prompting the login. For example, I fired up Origins a month or so ago on my steam link, and the prompt to login to ubi appeared ... but then the game doesn't know what to do with double authentication, so ti just fails and fails and fails.

    So I tried logging in on my PC first, and the google authentication gave 1 number, and your authentication would continually say it was wrong.

    You have some serious kinks that need to be worked out if you want people to use it and remain secure, otherwise you are just enabling a lack of security by ensuring it doesn't work properly.
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    I have a problem to assess to my account and link to steam.

    I try to get my account work after my niece play my computer and accidentally made my account block.So I remember my username and password,and already got a 2 step verification. but i don't know how to get it work again.
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    2 Step Verification Process

    I know this is one of the best secure proceess to login, i am already using for gmail accounts. Now i have installed the google authenticator plugin on chrome. Now i can play games securely on nox from windows 10. Thank you ubi, you have done great job.
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    Do you also get the Thermite skin if you already had your UPlay 2FA activated before this?
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    i have a small but very important question that came up because the first games already starting to becoem atleats partially locked away for users without 2 way authentification:

    what do the people do that cant activate the 2 way authentification because they dotn ahve a smartphone and dont have the money to buy a smartphone?
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