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    RAF662.org NEW HOME and Server Online!

    !S All!

    WE'VE MOVED... our new home airbase is: www.raf662.org,
    and we have a new TS3 server. Visit us at
    RAF662.org for all the addresses!

    We also have a running RAF662.ORG IL2 Server!

    Come find us on Hyperlobby for the best in historical MDS action anytime.
    Guests are encouraged to stop by regardless of experience!Please join RAF662 anytime on our new server. Or just pop in to shoot up some things!We have several great map rotations in place now, and adding more all the time. So you might find a rotation you like, any time, day or night. Amoung past rotations, are:- Holiday Maps (special for Xmas/New Years)- Pacific Theater- Sammys Insane MDS Action- RAF662 Bomb Runs - Island Hopping Campaign Pacific (Currently Playing)
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    Still here! but at our new home: RAF662.org
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    S! Still here but at a new home! RAF662.org... see above!
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