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    Thank you Dev team.

    You had me hooked when you announced at E3 2017. I am a patient man. Please take all the time you need to make an experience you are all proud of. And, remember, your passion will become our passion on release day. 👍
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    I just want to say that it's amazing to see the positive responses to the delay announcement

    As a little reminder please check out the Everything You Need to Know About Skull & Bones After E3 2018
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    I would like to see ghost ships or legendary hunted ship to battle on the stormy sea. I would like to see tsunami wave and big world pool on a stormy day like Black flag. The ability to dive the ocean floor for treasures in ship recks along with fishing. It will be cool if this game take some sea and adventure ideas from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean but, I can't wait to get this game to, so excited.
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    Originally Posted by Kuromajo Go to original post
    Honestly the game looks amazing.

    The only thing that me and a lot of people want is the ability to explore islands on foot etc the same way you were able to do in ac4. Naval combat is great and all but I feel that if thats the only gameplay available then it might get boring quickly

    I understand that you want a Black Flag 2, but it will not be the case, and may be so good, anyway the game is not present as such so I do not see why we will be missing the absence live on the ground when we were not told
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    Suggestions ...

    To whom it may concern at Ubisoft in charge of SKULL & BONES ...

    I have some implemented ideas that would make the game even more fun, challenging, addictive & unique which includes a reward system that is involved with designing are own flags!
    Making the flags with 3 flat objects or symbols that allows also a controlled designing platform that keeps out the profanities of uploads.
    in the reward system color swatches for colors of symbols, background flag colors, symbol patches, & spaces (maximum of 3 spaces minimum of 1 that can be acquired) to incorporate a final flag of recognition of a player to fear. (a flag combination of 3 objects of all different colors)
    The rewards could be earned in various treasure chests randomly, from captured ships & ship wrecks. Perhaps hidden treasures that change in different areas on the map to sail over .... Perhaps treasure quests found in chests? Perhaps there could be an auction system too, using earned in game gold? (in case a player has the same color of symbol more then once. Players could also sell their card of color or symbol back to the game for a basic amount but could get more at auction where a style of ship could be sold as well? Minus the game's (Crown's) commission of 25 %!!!

    I wonder if there is also an online store that might allow premium content (another idea) ... Perhaps the opportunity to buy gold & silver bars, coins or gems to afford certain custom premium items Ships, symbols, rare colors like purple etc ... as well.

    Another option that should be allowed in the game is the opportunity to choose & play good or evil roles in the game to make favors with other countries as privateers & pirate hunters!
    Pirate hunters could earn distinguishing medals of the country(s) they represent. They should be able to collect rewards on a combination of The medals with better karma & notoriety on the capture of pirates. However Privateers often become pirates & then lose favor of a country that could cause a bad reputation over an amount of time ... & a loss of medals that need to be required over a gain to earn a good status.
    Not everyone want to be the bad guy ... Historically Privateers were feared by pirates while some privateers bit off more then they could chew with the brotherhood of pirates.
    The better a privateer does in the aid of a country the better the ship they can earn & modify to capture pirates. However 15% goes to the crown although they can earn guaranteed wages & free port privileges of the country(s) they work for. Where as pirates have only one safe haven their own secret port.

    Auctions can only be done at country's ports but pirates must have a copy of the flag to enter the country's port.
    Pirates can also have their own but limited basic black market auction.

    Just ideas but good ones I think ...
    I suspect there will be in game ship service & repair as well ...
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    Skull and bones

    Looks like there has been no response from anyone from Ubisoft since 11/18 it is now 2/19 will you ever update us all on when beta is going to happen? when do you plan on releasing the game? Anything will be helpful you need to keep communications going with your players not just ignore us.
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