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    Stuck With The Game

    Does anyone know how many internet percentage points are required from races to open the next batch of races in the campagne ? I am stuck on the green series, most of my medals are gold and silver but blue series just stays locked .The game implies that only bronze medals are required to advance.

    I hate the lagoon and valley, the cars are rubbish handling, I played most of the major racing games and these two cars must be the crappiest cars from any game...The graphics are stunning, lovely colors too but I have not enjoyed one race fromlagoon or the valley, in fact I am almost ready to shelve the game and I only played a fith of it.....I just cant stand the lagoon it is Hot Wheels without the fun, And that wooden decking is just terrible man.

    If I could jump back in time 3 months I would tell myself not to buy turbo because of the crappy valley and lagoon.I would not buy the next trackmania if they are in it and forced down my throat when I hate playing them.

    The most tallented person on the trackmania turbo development team was the person who choose the game colors, they match so very nice, I really love the colored lighting in canyon , very nice looking.That colored lighting is a very nice upgrade for canyon because the bare concrete can look bleak.The inflatable pigs and helicopters are brilliant, I love them.

    The game is a let down though...In my opinion Trackmania 2 is better by far.
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    After over a month of waiting for a reply to my question I went back to trackmania2 stadium. I
    kind of got sick of waiting, I checked this dead forum regulally for an answer but hellas nothing.
    With no idea of how to progress in the game I gave up.

    This was me today in the video having fun on my new Pet Semetary track.
    [Uploaded to mania track exchange]

    Race Video Updated June 21 2018

    Just look how versiltile trackmania2 is too.
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    Hey man,

    Apologies that no one got back to you after all this time. I'm just checking if the blue series is still locked for you? If my memory serves me right you need 80/90/100/110 silver medals to unlock them. If you've got that and they're still locked, could you provide me screenshots to get that looked into for you? P.S your video shows as unavailable
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