Hello, We’re recruiting Loyal and battle hardened Swordsmen for the Shinsengumi. We’re going to work together to push back the Vikings and Fight for the Honor & Glory of our Shogun!

We have quite a few very strict rules;

1. We must always stick to the Bushido Code.
2. Violating the Rules of The Shinsengumi Results in Seppuku
3. Don’t interfere in other Shinsengumi Business
4. If a Units commander falls; All Troops must fight on the spot, Even if the death toll is High.
5. No Squeakers.
6. Impact the World Map with your troops.
7. Always offer to teach New people the Ropes.

We have a few people we can pull off fun events like Tournaments. Feel free to Immerse yourself. If you Wish to Join Message the Xbox Handle “Ingame Support” or Look up the Club “The a Shinsengumi”