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    Expert Wenja - Missing last skill point

    I realize this is a topic that has been addressed, but none of the work arounds suggested by other players have worked for me.

    I'm currently stuck 1 skill point shy of completing the 'Expert Wenja' trophy on PS4.

    -I've finished all orange side missions including village missions.
    -I've explored the entire map.
    -I've finished the main story.
    -I've captured all forts and bonfires.
    -I've reached max level with respect to XP.

    The IGN page for the game's collectibles states that collecting all 100 Daysha Hands awards a skill point. Can anyone verify this? Is this my only route to finishing the trophy?

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    Daysha Hands don't award skill point

    Well, thanks IGN. Wish i hadn't spent all night looking for those things.
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    Got it!

    Well, if anyone out there is still trying to live that cave lifestyle and is similarly stuck, my game resolved itself.

    After 100/100 Daysha Hands did nothing, I saved, quit and turned off my PS Plus auto-upload for Far Cry Primal. Logged back in and two more orange quests had appeared, one rewarding a skill point.

    Maybe the auto-upload of save data has something to do with it? Honestly with all the suggested work arounds, you might as well ask Tensay to do a rain dance to make those quests appear. What a headache.
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    Glad to hear it resolved itself
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