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    Far Cry 5 Live Event: Arcade Noon

    Grab your tokens and head to the Arcade- it’s time for a new live event! Opt-in to the event from the main menu to claim this week’s exclusive M9 pistol and Deputy outfit: http://farcrygame.com/liveevents

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    Oho. This week's reward is deputy Hudson! Nice!
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    Awesome. Not to fussed on the gun but Deputy Hudson hell yeah.
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    Very nice job.
    Please, continue adding more new weapons
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    I’m meh on the gun, but the Hudson outfit? Yes please!
    Also, male Deputies get Burke’s outfit
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    Hope next will be Faith or Jess Black!
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    Faith would be awesome especially if you have a friend in that region with Faith's hallucinogenic appearances seeing double comes to mind. Jess definitely, I like her character design.
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    Where's the deputy outfit? Shows as unlocked under challenges but in game I only see the marshal outfit. No deputy outfit anywhere...
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    As cool as it would be to have both, Males get the Marshal, females get the deputy.
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    You can tell by the shirt Icon, the females have more of an hour glass shape.
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